October 2007

Woman charged with swearing at toilet
Stripping for conservation
Doctors find toothbrush in woman’s nose
Blank tenners sell for £260
Kitten goes for a spin
Parrot supports rugby team
Can you see what it is yet?
Runaway tortoises tracked down
Eco council axes bonfire
Celebrities, get out of here!
Please drive Caerphilly
Girl’s ‘evil’ Chinese tattoo
Stop, Police!
Woman conceives twice in a month
6,000-mile trek in tuxedos
Diamond bra for sale
Tattoo spells out Coca-Cola
25% Oxygen
Blood makes a good
Timbuktu is located
Roundabout way onto the housing ladder
Vodka drip keeps man alive
Home Secretary’s boob
Flower Tucci
The very old bill

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