March 2008

Parking fine quashed after colour clash
Armed police tackle OAP on scooter
Flat has bath in kitchen
Man sues over ‘haunted’ house
Man laid table
T5’s £90k cappuccinos
Ukraine travel ban on Robbie songs
Drugs run scooters
Legs manual wins odd title prize
Ultimate boy’s toy
Woman sues over hospital boobs
World record smashed
Love takes time
Health warning against crucifixion
Beware of the tramp
Easter egg-heads
Radioactive cat mistaken for bomb
Lotto winner goes back to McJob
Love lessons bid to boost birth rate
Pilot refuses to land at new airport
Not so cordiale?
Miss Bimbo game slammed
Praying dog joins temple
Plan a bank raid – students told
Man ‘is five months pregnant’

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