Seemless Means

The Termination,

Of the railroad station,

Led to ever decreasing,

World Population,

And starvation,

It’s a complication,

I wonder how long,

Will be the duration,

And radiation,

Hinders vegetation,

The whole place looks like,

An abomination,

A foundation,

Is aiming for salvation,

But they need donation,

To save this Asian Nation,

A delegation,

Went away on vacation,

Now the world is waiting,

For their return, forsaken!

This violation,

This proclamation,

This provocation,

This refutation,

Gives a bad reputation,

To this replication,

Of the multinational,


A reformation,

Of this Affiliation,

The administration,

Needs a destination!

To point this place,

In the right direction,


Of the old connection,

Use your imagination,

This is pure creation,

This purification,

This liberalization!


And manipulation!

To control the world!

Through “legal” relation!





This is an indication!

Of failed translation!

Gives me a bad vibration,

Like a violation …


Of this retardation,

All this transportation,

To a distance place then!


For this presentation,

Moving the world,

To a new location!


And restoration,

And renovation,

This is a revelation!

The revolution,

A syndication,

A teastless motionless,

Senseless sensation!

An abbreviation,

For desperation,

The whole place is infected,


The power station,

The pumping station,

Blown up in flames,

Like a bad mutation,

I sit in meditation,

Waiting for reincarnation,

The world has fallen,

For domination,


A compensation,

Weapons and warfare,

Articles of incorporation!

Ultraviolet illumination,

Undeniable civilization,

Dissapearing through time,

Through this undesirable,

Political orientation …

A long poem by Bob Axell

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