Have you written something interesting lately? Send it in here and get it added to the library! Everything will be on the frontpage shortly. It can be anything from a short one-line joke to a 9 page essay or a complete book series! Be sure to specify which kind it is. 😉

If you write frequently and would like to be an Author at CyberDyze tell me so when you email me, and I will have an account set up for you so you can submit texts directly to the library. 😉 Be sure to include a few samples of your writing too! Even with an account, entries will be checked by an admin before they’re made public.

We are also looking for people willing to syndicate large news sites and post all the latest stories here – if you have some spare time let me know! There are also a great amount smaller sites that are also open for syndication. Send in job applications here.

Send us anything you’ve got! Thanks.