Why Read?

Are you one of those people who just hate reading?

If so, I put together this nice little list (not much reading), about why reading is good, just for you! 😀
So take your time and read through it, and maybe you might change your mind about the world of literature …

1.) You learn stuff. If you don’t read anything, you don’t know anything! You wont have anything to talk about, you wont have anything to say, you wont be able to have a nice conversation about whats going on in the world today. Reading newspapers will help you learn about whats going on, reading history will help you learn what happened, reading jokes will give you something to say to your friends and make them laugh.

2.) You write better. Allthough this does depend on what you read. If you read good writing with no spelling or gramatical errors, you will get good at spelling and gramatics yourself. This can be good for future jobs or just everyday life, at least I write a ton everyday. I’m sure you write at least something yourself.

3.) You develop your imagination. Reading other peoples creative writing helps you be creative yourself! You also have to think when you read and imagine how everything looks, the author tries to describe everything as nicely as possible but it’s always up to your mind how you see it.

4.) It wastes time! If you have nothing better to do, why not? Boring train rides, bus rides, plane rides, bicicle rides? A portable gaming station or your cellular phone could be an alternative, but the point of this article is to make you read. So try doing that instead.

5.) It is FUN! Yeah, believe it or not. Even if you think normal books are boring, you can’t escape jokes, can you? So get yourself a thick joke book instead, as long as it’s something! Reading isn’t as boring and useless as everyone claimes. Get a book and stay in the game, lol …

Thatas all. Browse around the library and find something interesting! If you’r to lazy to step outside your house, theres plenty of short stories here. 😉

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