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Lies & Tricks!

Want to join in on a random four five seven day game jam hosted by the highly spontaneous @ChibiWilli who just asked if I'd help spread the word about a jam if he'd decide to host one and then moments later hit me back with this link that holds all the details you'll need to get started on said game if you so choose to join?

The theme is lies, games that'll tell you one thing, but aren't actually telling the truth. First place wins 10 USD, and digital trophies await for all top three. :) The jam starts in an hour and a half and the deadline is February 27th 2021 at 12:08 AM! (EST? Maybe? Click link above for counter.)

If you have a moment to spare this weekend and two three five days and feel like delving into the realm of falsehood and trickery maybe this is just the thing for you!

Never made a game before? It's never too late to start.

Could possibly enter your game into the Flash Forward Jam currently running at NG at the same time if you happen to dabble with Flash too! Direct potential ponderings regarding the jam here plz.

Good luck. And/or may the best jam win.

UPD: One more day to deadline! And I just joined.
UPD: And two more!


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  1. BirbButt
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    Yeah, admittedly the deadline was rather ambitious.

  2. S3C
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    I'll have you know that my game jam record is 1-0. I can make music, perhaps help the programming, and serve as the project organizer/coordinator/manager.

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    @BirbButt I think if this doesn't get some more peeps involved the main thing might've been there just wasn't much time to get accustomed to the idea or make some free time before the jam actually kicked in here. :) As seems to be customary. Deadline doesn't seem unrealistic, but no time for preparation, I don't know how it is for most people but at least personally I usually have my schedule pretty packed weeks in advance.

    There's still a few days left though so who knows! The Clock Crew guys are doing their Flash Flood this month too for example, maybe some of them would be interested in making a quick jam entry while they're at it. Have you been reaching out to anybody yourself?

    Actually got an idea that wouldn't take that long to make too, if time allows now...

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    Really going all in here @S3C! :D Not sure how many'll find the offer here though, maybe ideal to repeat via one of those aforementioned project links. Or what say you @BirbButt?

  5. S3C
    Friday Feb/26/2021

    Flies and Ticks!

  6. Cyber
    Friday Feb/26/2021

    The vilest crits!
    Though fireflies are lit!
    Time flies with kicks!

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