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Life Is NOT A Journey

Alan Watts. Genius.

I've always felt this way, but not dared step away from the machine completely. Because nobody else does, do they? Except those rare exceptions; exceptional individuals you aspire to become as, but dare not take the step to. The gap feels too far. You can't simply step over. You need to swim across the void. You need to reach the other side, though maybe you can't even see it. Maybe you don't know if it's even there...

Who dares venture into that darkness? When some people are born so rich they can build their bridges. They can charter expeditions. They can see to it there is another side before they take the chance. Or maybe they were born on the right side already.

But some people do take the leap anyway. The ones who have nothing to lose. The ones who change the world.

The victors.

They do.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Nov/5/2021

    Religious folk would NOT take this message well

    I've always said to treat life like a journey without a conclusion, tautological with the premise here, perhaps oxymoronic by definition.

    I've never gelled with "save money to retire" either. The idea depresses me: you're old and all seemingly all that's left is to laze around until you die. Others get depressed about the idea of retirement because it's so far away...I'll 99% be lamenting when/if I get old, but I jokingly say all I need to save up for in retirement is a shotgun with a single shell.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Nov/5/2021

    It goes against our instinct in a way don't it. :) The one to opt for the easier; safer path, and that which I believe most religion feeds on...

    Mmm that'd work too! A little less edgy than the mantra above.

    I get depressed over both those sentiments really. XD The prospect of not living fully until the day you're free to do so but possibly can't live at all, and the fact that I'll possibly have to work for another forty years before I get to a point where I do indeed feel free... of course the goal is not to do so. To find someway to circumvent or cheat the system and manage to live fully before said time. But it's with such endeavor I find myself unwilling to fully take said step. Maybe because jumping out of that hamster wheel means it'll actually be a lot more arduous to run where you then want to. If you do get there.

    Hope that is indeed a deed in joking. :) May we both instead become millionaires quick now and live life the way we wish to, never mind our ages being considerably below the norm for when such freedom is systematically deemed possible; truly dance with the elements...

    Or not become millionaires per se, just feel like such. Since it's not about the finite goal after all, just about fully living all the way there...

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