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Life Of The Party (2018)

Life Of The Party (2018)

A girl's starting collage, her mom and dad argue and get a divorce (dad's fault), and the mom decides to go back to the collage she dropped out of when she met him, on her last year, and finally graduate!

The same collage her daughter just started in.

This actually makes for less awkward moments than I'd expected! Less clashing between generations too. It was really pretty welcoming. All of it. Like they're trying to show that moms and daughters really can get along. Or old and young people. Stuff like that.

I'm not usually that much for Melissa McCarthy (who plays the mom) comedies, but this one wasn't bad. The humor's still not all my style (maybe it's how so many of the characters are portrayed so dumb), the dialog ditto, and the mom and daughter relationship is a bit weird sometimes, but I like how warm it all is. It goes out with a message in the end too, and that is... well watch the movie, you'll see.

It wasn't spectacular, but a fun movie idea done alright.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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