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Life Throws You A Cold...

Guess what's happening today? In May!

Also I'm stuck at home with a cold, but trying to get some things done amidst sessions of bedrest and healing. I was planning to go to a museum after work today, to concerts both tomorrow and Friday, and this Saturday to Gröna Lund for theme-park purposes with Big Bro and Co. The other plans may falter, but that's the big one. Better get some rest quick till the next trip...


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  1. S3C
    Thursday May/11/2017

    nice view! all I have is a wall and the side of neighboring house both in a rather drab shade of tan...

    life throws you snow and a cold while it should be throwing you sun and a warm at this time of a up and get well soon

  2. Cyber
    Thursday May/11/2017

    Yeah, I do like our homely red paint traditions. :) At least you have the warmth right?

    Thanks man; will do!

  3. kieran
    Saturday May/27/2017

    i couldnt go outside if i lived there

  4. Cyber
    Monday May/29/2017

    You've got that renowed British fortitude though right? Out in shorts even when it's snowing. ;) I actually lived there a couple years, saw some... crazy things!

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