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Life's A Cake

Life's a cake and then you diet!


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Aug/10/2019

    is it gluten free @Cyberdevil

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Aug/10/2019

    Of course! The diet is gluten-free cake. It's the afterrhye.

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Aug/10/2019

    Hmm. Maybe I should've said Life's a dish and then you diet.

  4. S3C
    Saturday Aug/10/2019

    That would be too vague, if you eat cake then there is more reason to diet than just a generic dish

  5. Cyber
    Sunday Aug/11/2019

    But with dish you could draw parallels to a certain similar quote on which this parodies/pays homage/builds upon in a much easier way than with cake which is, in wordly regard, not much like the original. Even if ^ is true and totally logical.

  6. S3C
    Sunday Aug/11/2019

    the dish was a lie...hey it's seems blog comments are locked down on NewGrounds wtf

  7. Cyber
    Monday Aug/12/2019

    lmao. XD I see what you're saying...

    That's why my blog's suddenly getting so many huh? Floodgates are already open if ever they decide to turn em off entirely!

  8. S3C
    Monday Aug/12/2019

    to my knowledge this was the only comment left when NewGrounds News was on lockdown. But I'm always happy to redirect traffic here when the situation beckons

  9. Cyber
    Monday Aug/12/2019

    Thank you man. Best get ready to take over the Internet whenever an opportunity presents itself!

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