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List Of 2024 Leap Day Bugs

I realize... I need to hone my blog.

This is the kind of quality I strive for.

The quality I currently provide y'all is: nonsensical, quick, unambitious, unimportant often, trifle, stifled, stagnant, life-fuel... not really. Not always! Sometimes, hopefully.

If you're interested in leap years that there above's an interesting read anyway. And impressively both A) researched and B) presented.

You might want to hit that link even if you don't want to read the article, and just glimpse the honing.

I'll get there though. When I get a mo' in.

Moaning, some early morning.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Mar/30/2024

    Hmm...ill make sure to stop at ICA in Feb 2028 then

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/31/2024

    Cheap flights if you plan ahead. XD I totally missed that one this year, probably did not go shopping or interact much with the outside world and local community that particular day, as with most days. It's interesting how you can stumble upon reportings of local phenomena like this that are somehow better documented internationally than they are announced on your own home turf...

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