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Logan (2017)

Logan (2017)

Darkest X-Man movie yet? Definitely.

I don't know what happened between the last X-Men movie I saw - and this, to merit such a change, but things have certainly changed.

I'm both depressed and impressed with the change too. I'm depressed at the change, but I'm also impressed with how the actors handle it. I've yet to be disappointed by any X-Men movie, but this one really goes over and beyond with regard to what you'd expect of the actors, and it doesn't even have Michael Fassbender.

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman impress thoroughly, and Dafne Keen helps. When there's suddenly a group of kids involved - all but one of whom seem to harness amazing powers, they're suddenly disappointingly bad at handling those powers (as such the opposition is more of a threat to them - necessary for the script but so unsuitable), and it doesn't all feel as awesome as it did during the first phases, but it was great.

That's just a little part of the movie too so let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Boyd Holbrook played a good villain too, even if the doctor is definitely the bigger one.

Feels like there's still one big mystery left, as to whatever happened before this to merit such a movie, but you'd better go into this expecting something dark. And it does deliver. Good special effects, good sound design, great atmosphere and acting. The story's more of a road trip than anything else once you get over the initial phase of melancholy and misery, at which point they head out into a wondrous greenland of fantasy and promise, but the beginning lays the foundation for the rest of it well enough. You already know this is Logan's last movie so... treasure it. It's a worthy end, unwantable as it may be.

Though: top score will probably only feel merited among those who've followed the franchise this far. Otherwise it'd be a solid four.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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