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London Has Fallen (2016)

London Has Fallen (2016)

Time for another terrific anti-terrorist blockbuster! It follows suit after Olympus Has Fallen, and although the terrorist scheme looms bigger, bolder, and better in all ways, it comes across a bit artificial and angled. I really wish they'd chosen to make a sequel to White House Down instead.

For starters: there's just too much patriotism. Even the professionals who're supposed to be ice cool under any circumstance (like Jax) seem to get a bit emotionally involved when some higher-up (such as the President) is being threatened. At times it's all clean and professional, at times it's like that. And of course, the terrorists are made to be the bad guys, and to make mistakes, and the Americans the good guys who don't; especially the President is portrayed as an impeccable individual. He doesn't break down in the face of anything, even if he does look a bit lost sometimes.

It feels like they tried to make him human, but didn't go all the way. Just like the terrorists initially seemed pretty devious and sharp, and professional, but in the end they do just what you'd expect them to - they make mistakes, and their hateful 'true nature' shines though their facade of calm and professionalism. I feel it would've been better if all of this could've been less according to stereotype; more like it was in the beginning. And what's up with all world leaders dying, except the president, even though he's supposedly the main target?

I do like how they took the terrorist threat to the next level, with an all-out country-wide surprise attack. No threats, just bam! Infiltration. Mole. Army. The whole shebang. A strike straight to the capital of England, and the action's brutal. It's realistic too, apart from that one thing about how Banning (and the President) keep surviving time and time again, though their odds are as low as possible. Wouldn't be much of a movie if it was otherwise though.

There's some interesting first-person-like footage of the action fests too. Overall, it is a good action movie, and they add a little family mumbo-jumbo for closure, and maybe to make Banning seem a bit more human; less like a killing machine. He's almost worse than the terrorists, though of course it's all for a good cause. Is it all really necessary? Well no, probably not, as he would say, but it did make for a spectacular blockbuster rampage. It's still not White House Down, but it's not bad anyway.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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