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Lone Survivor (2013)

Lone Survivor (2013)

Lone Survivor is a movie dedicated to Operation Red Wings; apparently based on a real story. It starts off with a flashback into what seems to be somewhat of a documentary, just regular images and low quality footage of soldiers trailing, and then a guy (Mark Wahlberg) getting carried - bloody and battered - off of a helicopter into intense care. Flashback time!

The movie takes place in a foreign land, in the mountains, where our team has been sent on a covert mission to kill a Taliban leader. They run upon a group of goats and herders, capture them, and then decide to let them go, abort the mission and call for a chopper. That's their big mistake, and all of a sudden the mountains are swarming with soldiers. They kill a bundle, but all of them get shot up plenty and eventually killed in the process. When they're rolling of the mountainside I'm amazed at how much they can take, they go to extremes but they just keep going. Mike, the leader, heroically climbs upon a mountain peak to get coverage on the sat phone, and calls in a chopper. The real spoiler starts below btw.

Eventually Mark Wahlberg, the lone survivor) meets a man in the desert, a group of people living amongst the Talibans, following an ancient code of honor that tells them to protect anyone in harms way, no matter the odds. They do; many of them get slaughtered as well. It's a different movie in that it doesn't only tell of the American heroism but also that of the Afghanistans, groups of people still living in mountain villages with an incredible sense of justice and honor compared to what most people may know, it's good they get that out there, that's there's no definite right or wrong, Americans = good, Others = evil. Though it took a long time before the mission really starts and thus also the fighting (and that's what I was watching this for), it was a good movie. The action scenes are great. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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