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Looper (2012)

Looper (2012)

I hadn't planned on watching this movie. A brochure came with the mail today, some movie commercials, and Looper was among them. I saw Bruce Willis on the cover and expected yet another great action movie with the one and only, but this movie just blew my mind. I've watched it late so I'm probably a bit more susceptible to emotion than I normally am, but it just overwhelmed me. Most action movies don't. And Bruce Willis wasn't even the main character! Well, you could say he was half the main character, but more on that later on...

In the movie we're brought to the future, a future where the criminal organizations send people they want killed back in time, to a group of people called the Loopers, who kill them and dispose of them in a time where they technically don't even exist. Sometimes the future versions of themselves are sent back to be killed, it's a part of the contract in becoming a looper. You'd wonder why anyone would choose such a line of work? Well, the bounties are high, it's a profitable job, and the risks are a part of it.

In the movie we grow to know Joe, a looper like many others, who is one day faced with his future self. He tries to kill himself from the future, but the future him gets away. It turns out that a new boss called the Rainman is taking over in the future, killing off all loopers, and the Joe from the future is here to kill him before he grows up. A little Terminator influence? That's all the Terminator influence you get (apart from the ending, maybe, which kind of reminds of how the original Terminator kills himself for the benefit of humanity), the rest of the plot is unique, clever and filled with footage that should suit all critics. There are moments of calm and there are moments of carnage.

The main character falls in love too. He's faced off against the criminal organization, against moral conflicts and against himself, both in the now and in a time to come. It's not confusing. It's easy to get the hang of, just watch it, you'll be depressed. Just like you were when (if) you watched Terminator. Or Invisible Target. Or The Green Mile. It's a great movie.

On an unrelated note, the showing of affection by filming how either mother or lover strokes a foot (seen from the owner-of-the-foot-angle) is an interesting perspective. A director with a fetish, maybe? The filmography in this movie is creative to say the least. The blood and the special effects look natural as well, even when they obviously aren't. We get to see a future world in addition to the regular one, not the future-future, but rather the future before the future.

Well that's enough chit chat. Here's the score.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

July, 2022

Looper (2012)

Action movies. Time travel movies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They don't get much better than this!

Expressions are never overplayed, reflections are everywhere, the consequences are underlying, the sacrifice the silver lining. The choreography's just perfect, and so also is the timing.

This is just such a great movie! If you think the Edge Of Tomorrow ending gets you then see this.

I can't really see the resemblance between young and old Joe - wonder if they chose Bruce for his similarities or just for his persona, but it works! He can act when he wants to too.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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  1. S3C
    Sunday May/13/2018

    it's a decent movie. more than decent, at that. in the first half of the movie, you would anticipate that the film would delve into the time loop/travel concept (sort of like Edge of Tomorrow), but when Levitt meets Emily Blunt, it's more about character development, and retrospectively illustrating the story up to this point. I'm a sucker for the intricate science-y scenarios, but that was not the director's intent here. Action wasn't particularly good (the Bruce Willis Rambo/John Wick takeover was half-@ssed), but all around a concise, gritty, but not over the top with violence/bad language film. You can't go wrong with Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt. Jeff Daniels even makes a decent bad guy. I'm glad the ending wasn't ruined by a Hollywood touch by using the young boy's special powers to revive Levitt, and the three go on to live as a happy family (or who knows, might leave room for a aequel).

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday May/15/2018

    Bruce Willis is always Bruce Willis though. :) Wonder how it would've been with a more dynamic actor in his place hmm... do agree with the overall assessment, though I don't recall any particularly bad action scenes. That thing about Hollywood endings too. I definitely enjoy when they're not, though always wish they were when they aren't. Would've been a happier end, but a more disappointing one too.

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