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Lord Of War (2005)

I'm not a big Nicholas Cage fan, and every time I watch a movie with Nicholas Cage in it I'm surprised they chose him to be the main actor. Because really, are there any big Nicholas Cage fans out there? Probably, since he has so many lead roles. It's not that he acts bad, it's just, well, he's normal, and not a spectacularly good actor either. He always has the same voice, always the same facial expressions. It feels like he doesn't become the character - the character becomes him. Maybe that's why he gets so many leading roles though, he's flexible, he's normal, he fits everywhere.

Not saying I don't like the movie though. This movie is great.

The movie is a bit of a documentary over the weapon trade. We follow Nicholas (don't remember his name in the movie, doesn't matter, it's still the actor not the character being played) as he grows up and starts dealing weapons all over the world. To dictators. To, well, mostly almost only dictators. He tells the story through an overlayering narrative and through his own speech within the movie. There isn't any real action, apart from a few people getting shot now and then (nothing he's directly involved in) but it still stays interesting all the time... and intense.

The scenery is varied, the people he interacts with all have definable personalities, there are some witty punchlines, there's some satire, there's a lot of talking and great scenery and the story has a heavy, a bit depressing, yet light and realistic hue. Overall, it's a good movie. Not an action movie as the name implies, not directly, but it is still a very good movie. His wife turning him in and his brother dying in front of him are some of the elements that turn it into the great movie it is. Reminds me of The Godfather, with added documentary value. The ending has a twist to it, too, even after he's turned in by his wife.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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