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Lost Bullet (2020)

Lost Bullet (2020)

Seems like the French just never go wrong with an action movie! Or one with car chases for that matter.

They've done it again and again with titles like Banlieue 13, Total Action and Taxi (and everything else Luc Besson's been involved with - I guess he's inspired others - maybe Guillaume Pierret is the next one up?), and here again, with the story of an unfortunate goon who cracks through four concrete walls in an attempted robbery, but the car stalls and he can't get his seatbelt off in time, and thus gets apprehended by the police and becomes part of their drug-deal intercepting squad.

Only things aren't all as they seem to be... and there's a girl. They show love in unconventional ways, and both the car chases and the fights have a combined kind of authenticity and flare that few movies do.

The last time I felt like this with a car chase in particular was during the one with Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in The Hitman's Bodyguard.

This was great. It keeps surprising. Keeps taking it to the next level. Remains authentic, and serious, and sometimes comical, while at the same time staying grounded and relatable in a way that few blockbusters do.

Also that sax behind the desk - or was it a tuba...? Little things like that. Love them. Love this movie. Can't get enough car/action movies like this - and the French blend is a little bit different than the Fast & Furious ones. Maybe a little more down to Earth. It's refreshing. The sceneries, the farm, the marshlands... there's that too.

France ain't a bad place to drive, or live, or possibly to try a life of crime and violence. Or to get caught in if you do.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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