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Lost In Translation

I've been translating poker articles today. Or rather, trying to get through the first one. 8000 characters was a lot more than I thought it would be, but I'll get through it. I've been looking around online for occasional help and I managed to stumble upon the worst online translator ever. See this. First, the English test I typed in:

He walked under the lamp, only the sound of butterflies to remind him that he was still sane.

And then in Swedish :

Han promenerat under lampan , bara fristen av fjäril till påminna honom så pass han var stilla tillräknelig.

Some of the words don't even exist and the grammatical structure is completely messed up. You'll need to know Swedish to understand this, but the way they should have translated it would be:

Han promenerade under lyktan, enbart ljudet av fjärillar påminde kunde honom om att han fortfarande var sinnesfrisk.

Or something like that. The example below is taken from a different translator, which is obviously much much better than the first.


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