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Lotus Apparition (8:38)

Cheers @S3C for throwing together this one! :) Original commentary: Inktober ain't over until I say it is lol

Cyberdevil notes:

This collab actually started some four years back, in April 2017.

I believe S3C sent me a bundle of instrumentals, and with one (a couple others did get released in more timely manner) I wrote and recorded this, maybe one of my most introspective verses to date. For some reason it was lost to time and didn't see the light of day... until now!

The epic ambient instrumental backing was originally titled Gothenburg, and my interpretation of it The Big Image. This here's the new and improved, meticulously mixed and thoroughly reenvisioned S3C take on it. A grand finale with a piece of the past reignited at last! Probably better now too.

Thanks dude. Did not see this one coming either.

Lyrics here.


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