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Loui (3:20)

( Lou - Lou - Lou - Loui! 2x
Lou - Lou - Lou - Loui! 2x
Yeah )

I remember one time, spinning back a few years a few lines, to something in my mind. An anniversary rhyme I must make it ain't mine, it's for a friend in the line. Of friends I've been gathering on bench thinking I can bring one forth when of the current ones bend. The wrong way or let their thoughts stray or evade my get-together days over at my ghetto ghetto place. I've been treating them all like toxic waste, like something I can make myself and then throw away. I know now that this is not the way but I didn't know then, man, how should I say.

( chorus )

We was sitting in the sofa watching a little Oprah on the channel that appears when I hang out with my peers. We just switched on the telly, started eating jelly, popping a few bottles, it was evening in Morocco. My friend for the day was Luoi, a little Haitian I met him at the station one day when he came with a rail train. He didn't have a place to stay then, maybe one of them runaway men, but I couldn't care less - hence. I offered him a half part of my apartment by the mart. He seemed suspicious but had heart and was thankful for the start. Now he's been here for three years, works by the docks on a wee peer over by the sea clear. For a Millionaire, Alexis Sinclair, he moved out from my place and got a new one a real pimped lair. Two years back. Always walks round with a smile on his face and his life is a constant chase for a few more millions to waste. He's not ungrateful for his fate he overwhelms me with praise everyday cause I let him make his life this way. Anyway, on this particular day, we was just watching whatever killing time as the sunlight fades. Intaking alcohol and cake, getting a little groggy and then hell breaks. I pick up a knife and stab him over a discussion of stashed cash and craze. I didn't mean to do so much, just a little friendly touch. Didn't mean to stab so deep, but my senses were all asleep. So there he's spilling out his guts, I'm the butcher but I feel no rush. I'm wide awake in a second or two, but he's already gone into the heavens or a next life new. Oh shit. Oh shit. What should I do.

( chorus )

I never meant this to happen you know, I hope you feel my sorrow, my pain, my regret, my sadness


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