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Love On The Rocks (2004)

Love On The Rocks (2004)

A little misleading title hmm? What about those rocks? There are no rocks.

It is about love though. Sort of. Ever tried Rooster testicles?

Being romantic is being unrealistic, not being serious. Being romantic is being adventurous; willing to take risks.

Two girls jump off a roof for our main character - a bank manager with insecurities and trouble with life, but more swag than you'd initially think.

There's an illegal candlelight dinner in a shop after closing too, and there's a quick Donnie Yen cameo towards the end.

I really thought this one would end differently though. Maybe a nineteen year old lady was a little too young? Unfortunately the ending didn't really vibe with me, but relations: complex stuff and all...

The best women and best men are indeed alike. Always taken.

Really feel sorry for the young girl though.

I realize this review is a little fragmented - as my impressions were, but it wasn't bad. It felt creative, both everyday and exotic, and a little lovely...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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