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Lucky Luke (1991)

Lucky Luke (1991)

This movie tells the story of Daisy Town, and the lonesome cowboy Lucky Luke, who one day stumbles upon it and somehow ends up their sheriff. He quickly makes peace with the local troublemakers, and all is nice and well until the Dalton brothers arrive and try to shame Lucky Luke, and for a moment they do convince the people of the town that their sheriff is a little too good at what he does, and they'd all have more business opportunities if he wasn't around. So he leaves, but when smoke signals of a coming war cloud the skies he turns around quick.

Overall it's pretty entertaining - but not true to the original at all. Luke doesn't even have dark hair here. The newer version does it better, even if this one did maintain the comical 'tone' a better than the other. The humor carries across, and I recognize plenty of the scenes and puns from the comics as well. It's light-hearted family-friendly fun, with a very well-tamed horse as Jolly Jumper (who does some pretty nice stunts), and entertaining snippets of script from the inanimate comic version.

Terence Hill plays Luke, and Roger Miller narrates Jolly Jumper... which feels a bit unfitting since I always thought Jolly was a girl! I mean: a mare. The Dalton's are played by Ron Carey, Dominic Barto, Bo Greigh and Fritz Sperberg, in the Dalton order - and though Lucky isn't much like himself, they sure are! Both their act and their appearance. Well done.

Unrelated Fun Fact: that lion was a wild lion! Crazy.

All in all it wasn't the Lucky Luke I expected, though there are definitely similarities, and it's an enjoyable movie nevertheless. Luke himself may not be himself, but everything around him is - and Daisy Town is built up proper. He does shoot faster than his shadow too - something they manage to show pretty cleverly. If only they'd added his signature sunset melody at the end...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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