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Lucky Luke (2009)

Lucky Luke (2009)

Now this is how Lucky Luke should be! It's comedy with a serious undertone, sometimes maybe a bit too serious, but it's clever and charismatic, and truthful in appearance - even if the atmosphere may differ a bit from the comics.

The villain this time (it was The Daltons in the 1991 version): Pat Poker. And it all plays out... pretty strange. Whereas the last was linear and easy to follow - with a clear build-up and crisis, this one has an intrigue and depth that lures you onward, but reveals everything only in due time.

Well, it's French, so what do you expect? I don't really like the 'serious' backstory, as it feels very un-Lucky-Luke-like, but overall it's a great movie, well-paced, well-acted and with an authenticity the last one didn't have. Though the lighter tone in the other is in a lot of ways more truthful to the comics, and the light-hearted approach an appreciated difference, this one is truthful in its character interpretations, and detail, and both the effects and choreography is much better.

Disconsidering similarities to the un-animated counterpart, the better movie of the two is probably this one - though they're difficult to compare. Even if their both Westerns, they're like two separate worlds. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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