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Lucy (2014)

I thought this was going to be the story of a superhero, but it was the story about evolution!

Lucy isn't just a girl (sorry, woman) who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic whilst slowly gaining superhuman powers. She transcends the borders of being human, she searches for the answers of the universe, she transcends time and place and all the while searches for something to do with this knowledge.

The sights are fantastic. The philosophy and the scientific/fictional revelations food for thought. In a matter of sense it doesn't explain a single thing, and yet all it's really about is this awesome revelation. Prepare for a journey from grotesque, fearful and despairing to total lack of empathy and godlike epiphany, and all the while there's a gang of gangsters chasing after her, trying to get back the drugs hidden in her body that made her the way she is.

I don't recall seeing how she was ever brought to her interrogation room in the first place, but that's where things start getting exciting! Yet even though I am amazed and enthralled by the experience, I'm thinking it's so presumptions of us 'humans' to make the unfathomable visual. To make her arguments on how nothing matters or really exists - except time - take on so perceptible shapes. And when she's exploring new facets of being and finding new truths, she still has that strange emotionless look in her eyes, and tilts her head to one side or the other - like a bird in search of food. And yet she's totally uninterested in the food she's setting out to find. One more thing: even after floating all over the room after the drugs spread into her body, she never once takes her feet off the ground. She never even hovers! It was an awesome effect, but in retrospect it feels like a loose end.

In all vendetta-based movies we're taught that human nature is 'evil', and dark, and dreadful... and then the good prevails and tells us that 'no, that's not how it is at all! Humanity is warmth and light and happiness!'. Well, here it's the other way around. Sort of.

I loved the movie, but I do wonder if it'd have been an even bigger wonder with a different actress. Or maybe with a different act for her to play, something that truly transcends human nature as much as it's supposed to. Something that I should have a harder time understanding than the Doctor Morgan Freeman plays. Something that'd really blow my mind and make me view the world in a different light. Somehow, the revelations Lucy reveals are things I may not think about, but indeed things I already know, I wish there was more than that. And I wish there was more to unlocking our potential than casting away that which makes us human.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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