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Inktober #20.5 - Twenty Twenty

Man I'm on a mission.
Man on a mission.
I keep on wishing,
I was doing better,
That I was at a,
Pole position.

Not like a stripper,
Like a racer,
Like a smoke past you
Not face you,
Like a go past you
Not chase you,
Like an old pastor
That's still got it.

Fly like the tractor
Is my Porsche.
Fly from the backstreet
Way down North.
Fly on the asphalt,
Though it touches,
I've got clutches,
I'm a sport.

Man on a mission.
Man I am on a mission!
To go this full month,
And handle it bitchin',
Got something cooking,
Bob's in the kitchen.
Caserole position.

Pots and pans but
I don't give a damn,
I'm itching.

Must be nettles,
Put on a kettle,
I gotta stop when it's over!

I gotta get better.

And get some clover.

And write some letters.

Twenty Twenty Bentley.


Inktober #20 - Atmosphere 2239

The truth, the ruse, the ruthless, I muse...

I am cruising... not losing no sleep but I am using confusion to soothe me overly...
I feel bloated like a sheep, machines are mowing me, trees they keep on growing but us nomads know no need...
To be steady and complacent, facing the wall, the game we are playing it chases us all,
Don't be mistaken I've taken my calls, but not responded, though I remember them fondly...

I am cruising, breaking and bruising...
Cruising, it's violent and gruesome...
I'm cruising, excuse me, I'm cruising, I lose sleep...

*without music, ten layers and lucid*

Inktober #19.5 - To The Grieving

A good friend's girl's dad died recently...
I'm not sure what to do or what to say to him...
Always difficult with these things...
And estranging when you're not family...

Offer my condolences and sympathy...
What else can you do when they grieve...
When on the other side of these keys...
When you don't meet in reality...

But I hope it all gets better!
I hope they find a way!
As long as they're together...
Then maybe this will fade...

Make way for better days...
Good memories remain...
That's all that you can hope for...
Some sun when you're in the rain...

That it gets good again...
Here's to a good girl and a good friend...

Inktober #19 - Entering Abandoned Houses

Aw yeah! Here we go! Home alone! Overtone! Get a bone! Like a dog! Overgrown! Mhm! stevetherapper, Cyberdevil, in the zone...


Entering abandoned houses... of chubby hubbies and their spouses...
One maybe cheated on the plumber once, and the wife ran out and bought a hundred guns
Came back, but the hubbie had packed his bags, and clad in rabbit slippers and a raggy scraggle
Ran away leaving little letter packs from Scrabble, but the wife ran after, like a game of tag
With like a hundred Macs shooting blowback mags! 45 ACP or 9x19 parabellum!
Don't cheat on your wife, it isn't nice, go tell 'em! They had a life and a Tesla, but now I regress huh?
Hubbie Mike he done messed up! Now he flies without rest, should maybe buy him a vest, his former wifey's obsessed!
With maybe slicing his head off or throwing a knife through his chest! She runs still with a scepter, or a scythe or bayonet!
Or a mace and bow and arrow! Lance or antitank things! Anthrax holding banks! Bolas boomerangs or Glamdring!
Flamethrowers reeling fear - the heat is in the air! A sword or a quarterstaff, or a sling or a spear!
She's ALL in with all of that! Grapeshot or tomahawk! Panzerfaust harquebus! Schwarzlose a popping off!
She varies the weapon! On light feet she be stepping! If you see her a running you better hide and beget but if...

You're entering abandoned houses... of chubby hubbies and their spouses...
Where one cheated on the plumber once, and the wife ran out and bought a hundred guns
You maybe should make sure it really is abandoned, the demons that dwell there they be worse than in The Sandman,
And if the wife is still home, then she might just go ham, think that you're her old man, might get out of control and...

Heads get to rooolling...

Inktober #18.5 - The New Old New

It's a new day! New place!
New ways! To get through eh!
I'm back in Bro though it really ain't new
But I do what I do here, I do what I do...

It's a new day! Old place!
Old ways! They hold me!
Yeah I'm back in Bro and it ain't really great
But you do what you do mate, you do and you mate...

Or maybe doodle and mate? Record and screw?
Skew it and chop it up? A dutiful brew?
Scratch on the record, scratch at the ball,
At a dance hall, scratchy dance, you stand and you fall

Yeah this is new eh! A new way!
Of writing I've never done this before and I won't!
Do this ever again! Most probably maybe no!
But I am up in the morning and my melody's dope.

New old, old new, new new, oh!
With the human flow...
Like you got soul...

*happy trails*

Inktober #18 - Summer

Yeah! killreal... Cyberdevil...

Soothing this time, summer is on my mind (as always)...

Getting back into this music, grooving like a Loonie Toonie doofus
Transitions may be confusing, but I'm on just a mission to improve, and to sit here with the groove, yeah
I've been up traveling a few years, lately just a few days, promise it'll be more every New Year
Want to explore or start a movement, find some kind of purpose and make my life translucent

So you can see what I am serving as you wait, I'm the waiter at the gate, got a tray of tasty aperitifs
Designed to crack a pair of lips, I won't be braggadocios but what kind of happens is my ego is immaculate
When I accomplish what I do set out to do, it doesn't happen every time, but it's true when every June
Comes around and summer looms, and you count every full moon, because soon it's time to move, up...

Up North where is the air is clear and fair, and the family is all there, and we share our apparel
Farm under sun, every night it's never glum, it never goes down - so we don't sleep and we don't care
All day is nigh sublime when it's warm and summertime, and the wind blows, trees sway, Ibiza waves shine
In the lake by the place I was raised and I HATE to go back to the city and just sit inside and wait again...

Until I'm serving up a plate again! Till the utopian life is bright and alien!
Until I'm waiting on the birds and I surf waves, and everything is perfect on the surface...

Till it's summer there for real! It's such a wonder it's ethereal!
It's nature at its finest! Play hard and work hard mindset!
Even when it rains you are shining!

I'd never stomach being underground mining, the sun is my god and will be until my time ends,
The winter gets depressing, just bleak and always stressing, I seek out obsessions that keep me from perishing,
Nutrition then comes second, only the summer beckons, the darkness in conjunction with the rain is a wrecking ball
Designed to hit my walls till the brick it falls, yet my income keeps coming in...

And I keep humming things, writing when I'm bummed, speaking of how life is glum, wishing summer never ends
Should maybe move to the Bahamas, somewhere it's eternal, every morning wake up to a beautiful inferno
But nah... wouldn't appreciate what I have if half of my life wasn't drab, it wouldn't make me go mad
If I was happy every day... what impact would I ever make? It'd be a crappy paradise.

Dry the spice. Then maul it until it's the finest, take a pinch and place it on your tongue
THAT's the feeling of my summertime, every nine months it hits you and you just get up and run
It's summer, the wonder, the wait gone, go stumble, into the light from whatever rock you crawled down under
It's summer, the wonder, it's awesome, go blossom, kick the lid from where you hid inside that coffin
It's summer, the wonder, amazing, don't waste it! But even in your dark days... don't be complacent

Winter has flavor too. Go taste it...

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