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Inktober #17.5 - Friggin' Tired Fly Back

So friggin' tiiired today!
I wonder what I'll be able to make
With my tiiime today!

Just got back and
I'm taking no break!
Won't rewiiiind today!

But feel fly
When I fly on a plane
Bout an hour in air
It is kinda the same
It feels great to be up there
I revel and change

But I'm tiiired today!
I collapsed took a nap in my seat
I don't wait

And we flyyy away
Suddenly we're back in Stockholm
I'm not awake
But feel good
And comfortable to be home
In a warm home
With the folks close
It's been great though

And now to dope prose

We go liiive today,
On the main verse,
And I'll catch up on these

Inktober #17 - Breaking Back

So I am back...

But with no time to rap
I'm on the mats
I mean I'm on the ropes

Yeah I'm lying flat
Like I'm a patsy
Or like a ghost

I'm kinda crashed
Kinda wrought out
And decomposed

It's like ten minutes to midnight
Writing with dim eyes
Gotta get out this prose

Then I will fast
For like nine hours and a half
Until I'm woke

And like Spinal Tap
Get ready for ROCK again
And eggrolls

A hearty breakfast!
That's what awakes the dead most!
Clear my head and then get those
Fingers clamping the keys like LEGOS!

I got an ego to keep building!
Gotta keep going until the end
Of this fiendish month but I'm feeling like
More sleep will probably free my mind

And make for more dope stuff.
My brain and I. Just wait till you get to know us.
More in the morning - no rush!

I'm BACK yeaaah! But kinda... zzzzz

Inktober #16.5 - Abort Second

Was gonna call this one adventure time...
But it's not that great an adventure I'm...
Just chopping wood and putting fire in a stove really...
Be in the wild until I'm old though.

It's great to be here in the cold No.
N-O like N-O-R-T-H.
Not with too much we spend these days.
But it do be great. Every day.

Every day wake up earlier than I usually do!
Every day go down to the usual loo!
Every day put in some wood again and start it!
Every day look out at the lake and feel my heart lift!

Every night though it really gets the darkest!
And with cloud or mist the sky ain't even starlit!
But it don't matter we have time, we're not farming,
Games to play, chit to chat, chains to sharpen.

This and that - there's always something to do in.
The great cozy retreat where dreams a brewing.
If THIS don't get my motivation/inspiration moving.
I don't know what do with myself.

Do I gotta get superhuman?!

Abort second.

Inktober #16 - Short Second

Cold drawers...
The cold dwarves things!
Kings of the wild now
More like small prince-s

The rain patter on the roof
Doesn't lull me to sleep much
But I'm learning to live again
I don't need crutch

Fish for lunch then a cold lake swim
Halving wood till I'm whole again
The flies buzz - we wake them from their dormant slumber
With a wand of fire, it's a world of wonder

Sail on!
I'm going all out here
I'll be back strong

This the end of that song

With a back strong


Inktober #15.5 - Code First

It's a cold first...
I'm up in here with my loafers...
It's not so cold then!
And I have no throat hurt...

Feel pretty good today!
Feels like a dope first.
Maybe I should call it that?
First track for chauffeurs.

And I am SUPER happy.
I am here with my buddy.
I am not SUPER rapping.
I'm just clearing the pudding.

I'm just shedding some fat.
Getting some air and some cleanse.
Getting some focus and sense.
Getting up close with my friends.


Nothing strange about that is it?
I'm up here to get in shape and to get artistic
And to clear up my mind - decipher some hieroglyphics.
And with peers combined - this here is superior time.

And then fly back again and have some aerial time,
In the upper spherial ethereal vine...
I am SO immersed. Let's clear this up though.
Let's get some code first.

We're going covert.
In the wild.

Inktober #15 - Cold First

It's cold up in here! It's freezing up in here!
It's that kind of season, when you can't breath in all the air!
Nah it's not that bad if you're clad... and if you're glad.
If you have a plaid in wool, that you have paid in full.

Or just some rags - whatever it don't matter.
Being wild and free is better than being tattered.
Damaging our psyche all this blue lighting.
Sleep times a wee trialed by the ice almighty - but the spice delighting!

It keeps surpassing my expectations, this place
Fear of cold, fear of stomach bugs, fear of staying the same
Fear of stasis disappears - I realize abysmal fears
Have no place in my book - breath the air, hear the brook

The wild takes the non-essential, and makes you clear
Focus on the most important focus you bear
Focus goes to the most important focus of the year
Aw yeah! Classic hip-hop sample with new flare!

I'm the spitting image of the cool Eskimo bloke
Perched by a tray of sizzling Pike in a blue smoke
Ice on my whiskers, eyes on my coat,
It's nice and ambitious, thick like it's Christmas

I could just as well be called Mike or Old Joe
Like Job I work hard and at no times do I boast do I?
Who is that cool guy that shines like a GOAT?
Perched on that perch like he is wise and likeable?

I don't - I don't know! Stranger danger!
Deranged heretics maybe heckle and wager greater
I'm tired of office jobs though I've never had a pager
And my mobile phone is almost at no time on

Because YOLO is still my motto strong!
I don't bend for trends, I don't defend distractions,
If you want some change you've gotta MAKE it happen!
The sun's not here so in the LAKE I'm basking,

And I'm asking myself things, and feeling like facts,
Line up under my belt, like I'm reeling in fats,
Omega-3 oils, and as for that office thing,
It's great to be off it again and feel...

Like when life is grim you feel like you're king.
When you work hard you start feeling things,
And start reeling in a sense of worth,
Keep on with the words, even if I'm in the dirt,

Cold first day. Dopest first.

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