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Inktober #25 - The Jungle Drum

AKA Jungle Run, Jungle Drums...

On the run from my demons today!
Took a run this evening today!
I didn't run far! Stoop at the knee and I say:
Why don't I try to emcee now today?

Can't a cold take me to my grave!
And can't old age tame me!
Can I slow down though? Be brave!
Maybe I'll go mainstream!

Nah! On a run through the jungle!
Jungle drums rumble! Steps like a thunder!
Tropic like a sauna - I'm used to that shizzle
The views sure are beautiful but ooh all these critters

All these venomous snakes in the grass and the marshes
Arachnids - lining the arches like carpets
The trees with the mango and the beasts who farm it
Hope I don't... seem too alarmist!

The jungle's a place for the strongest and only
Those who survive carry on in the dawn
King Kong in the mangrove with a big John
Sing songs when the night falls if you waaant...

To succumb to a savage death!
Laid down in the lush green mesh - a lavish rest!
Lavender leaf on a lamented lap
Where you lie for a nap for the rest of all...

The last of rest! The lasting rest! What's after/next! That tragic death! The afterlife! The ladder, the nexus aaaaa...

Gotta catch my breath!
Gotta slow down for this run
Or I might succumb to the hungerous one
With the jungle drums

I just want to chill in a hammock
Get a PBJ sandwich - sit in my pajamas
Learn Spanish like como te llamas
And snap me some pics - new camera angles!

But these animals have no manners!
They're easy to anger! Their teeth like are daggers!
Like Dracula they have a practicular vernacular
They just want to maul and mangle!

Strangle their foes! Or straddle their foes!
Go mad! Is that what too many bananas will do to you?
Don't screw with the jungle loonies or you will soon
Find these ruthless brutes are unusual

They'll take your teeth and turn 'em into cereal!
They'll play games at your wake and you're burial!
An enamored panda may make you stand up and say
You're marital vows in clicks like mandibles

What is UP with these jungle critters?
This ain't a jungle on Earth, is it?
I say Aye if we journey to the stars...
Maybe we'll get this kind of jungle, on Mars!

But my thoughts are a jungle! My thoughts too are vicious!
And feed on my hope and my dreams! They're nutritious!
The darkness inside! The greed and ambitions!
I'll disarm 'em like the lethalest lizards!

Or like fire ants, beetles, botfly's and hornets.
Infestations? My mind is your nest.
Papa Roach proclaimed back in the day:
The government the media or your family!

It's all the same, it's all and one
It's the sane, the wise, the jungle drum!
The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum!

It's all the same, it's all and one
It's the sane, the wise, the jungle drum!
The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum!

The jungle drum... the jungle drum...

Inktober #24 - Hours

Today is...

A short one! Cause I gotta run, I'll get more done -
Tomorrow. Just got off work with a sore bum.
Been sitting all day on a chair like I can't afford one that's
Comfortable! What ELSE in my life devours funds?

Fun times up in Ă–stersund - save for the cold!
Bummed a ride now I'm ready to roll!
I'm going all month like an overly aggressive Poker player! ARR!
Won't ever fold!

Know I'll be old WAY before I'm ready.
The way the years are flying I feel I'm there already.
I bear the resignation like my boss SUCKS
And every day I'm ready for a confrontation

I'm not willing to conform! I'll get jiggy with a norm!
But my boss is COOL like McDonald, Norm.
I'm slightly out of form and tired I haven't slept,
But I got the job DONE - ain't fired yet!

FIRE breath! Dragon in the place! Revolutionary!
Luffy's dad! Face tattoos! Very scary!
The System IS Of A Down! Taxicity! Aries!
Hairy times! Haircut's mandatary!

Planetary destruction coming out of this bitch!
Mother Nature don't give a fuck what freedom is!
The freedom to exploit's for spoiled rich kids!
Who weren't raised right! What a waste of great life!

Waste of green Earth! Waste of great Skies!
Waste of clean Water! WASTE those a-craters?
I gotta go I'll see you later - change the world!
Don't wait! The sooner maybe the safer.

And don't be foiled. It's about so much beyond just...
Co(2) and oil.


Inktober #23 - A Rental Transition

AKA Monumental Monday...

I'm taking a rental now!
Down to Stockholm bound!
Rolling up to the dealer with
New wheels backpack and a trench-coat now!

Got two bananas with me!
Gotta get lunch somewhere South!
Fridge is empty but I've plenty
Of ideas along this route!

It's gonna be cool,
Riding along on the highway smooth,
I'll get a Volvo XC40
Which for transport I will use

And double socks, long underpants
And two holes in my shoes!
In addition to the two holes
You traditionally use

It's friggin' cold outdoors
It dropped to minus ten
But I'm rolling to the warmth now
I'm going home again

And the car I got is free -
I follow this old philosophy
That you shouldn't pay for more than
You really really need

So I'll be in a rental now!
I'll be driving all day
At least six seven hours -
Will I be early or more late?

I figured I'll do this quick,
And then I'll hit the road!
No beat today NG folks!
I'm out! Bags and a coat.

This freedom is what I chose!
Instead. Gotta leave rental,
Then get home, get better,
Go to bed. I bet I'll be spent.

See you in the...
Final week of emceeing strictly speaking
This streak is going to peak in -
I reckon - if this cold lets up -

Any second.

Inktober #22 - This Is Stupid

AKA Stupid, The Stupid, Idiot Beat, Final Sunday...

This is stupid...

Cool. Let's groove...

Back in not lacking webbings
On the net 'for I took my first steps
First vet first as a newbie, coolness
Oozing, out of my pores like noodles

Going wise or going stupid?
I wouldn't know I'm always fusing
Wisom wit and whisks of losing it
That's what I call refueling

Need a mix that's potent high-end!
Macking tracks on that mad science!
Take it back to the time 'for time!
When our neighbors could devour our minds!

When green men stole our pine and lions!
And the mean Tyranosaurus
Came through tooting teeth of giants
Till he got killed off like a virus!

Mammoth tracks, back to back,
Back on Black was iconic that was!
I don't act boss level actor
Matter of fact I'd rather spaz and

( Act a loon! Keep at that till June!
Keep the act until the pact resumes!
I'm not a Crip and I'm not a Blood but we're all of blood
At this crib of love

Let us just live off the land and act
Like we rise above...)

Wheeling through these evil legions
Of corporate dorks stealing freedoms
I don't do that though! You don't either.
Make tunes shoot doot doot out the ether

Fueled on doubt and grooves and eagerness
That's why I'm called Repeater
Tracks start and stop? Neither!
Not when the Bob is on this microphone

Bobbing in an icy home
They say it's October but I might've known we ought turn the light back on
We ought turn our life to poems - that's what I'm doing!
I'll keep writing till my typos gon. I'll keep fuming.

Fix this mix! Better and better!
Want to live good but also forever!
Picnic dips! Sit with umbrellas!
No bad clothes! Only the weather!

Get mistook for a crook at the airport!
Have long boots! Knives and airsoft!
Sometimes wish I'd live more reckless!
Go like fuck it what the heck it's LIFE!

And you only live it twice.

This is stupid...

Inktober #21 - Presence

AKA Essence, The Present Peasants, Cyberdevil Presents...

Yeah! Cyberdevil (still with that cold)! larrynachos (still on a roll)!


Mic quality still not sublime,
Still up out in the wild with my portable,
And I got the cold I couldn't thwart at all,
Mask it with this beat though? Affordable!

Feel I got no time to be wasting,
Days sink away when they're racing adjacent,
Chase time like another piece of paper,
Blow nose on or scribble on it later,

I feel my life is almost like -
A steadily escaping water vapor!
Stand in the shower see it rise -
Away from me daily like it's my scapegoat!

Can't pull it back, I can't tackle it!
Can't beat it down like larrynachos did!
With every banger track he established in!
This monumental repertoire I've battled in!

Had to go to the bottom of the list though,
With throat itch I don't want to spit on,
The newer grander groovier hit songs,
Just feel they'd all be shit on

( So I hope you don't mind!
This morning I opened my blinds!
Thought I want to go with nachos this time -
So I chose this beat and I wrote this rhyme!

Like I'm lingerin' in the presence!
Of what it means to be a G
Eat some creatine and go wheel
This right here is the essence )

Vocals woke in the shower rain
While steaming a little of my life again!
Whenever doubt gets pent, get a fountain pen,
Get in the ringer and go a round again

I'm in the clouds everytime I fly
Seems I feel alive only at a greater height
Than 90% of people getting by
Waging no wars - making life

On slave wages! Society's crazy ain't it!
All y'all living on your last paycheck!
Do I want to live today? Rain check!
I'll get there though! We ain't there yet

At the essence... of what it means to be alive
In a world... where we are free to deem and dive
In a mossy creek... whatever happened to Greek philosophy?
Why do we no longer contemplate? What's AI got that we ain't?
Why can't we learn to learn again? AI learning just burdens men
We spend all time on learning THEM, and tending to machines we build
They shoot up schools we can rebuild, but shoed up you can't de-civil
Get back to our roots and chill, spend our time on understanding
Time on bonding, time disbanding, all the wrong things, we're demanding

Like better hardware, automation! Keep on stressing, and investing!
Calibration, and connection! Worship tech, we're getting reckless
So in debt, but still get extras! With your big mac, hit that sauce
Less of learning, less of lessons, less of yessing - you're the boss!

Presence! ...isn't that the essence?

At least it was....

Yo. Cyberdevil.

Inktober #20 - Dope Lines

I got bad timing!
Rhyming skills are sublime though
Sinus clogged but I won't croak on the line
Got a fine nose like I've done coke all the time
My line is dope but I don't run those lines
I'm an alligator! Got chops and I'm mad at the world!
Flatten this croc? Not in the burbs!
Go hard like Chris Webby does every Wednesday every week -
Or Mondays with Merk!
But I don't drink and I don't smoke herb
And I don't slurp purp!
You get murdered with that cough syrup
I got a cough now but that wouldn't work
Miracle cures they only hurt!
It's the way of the world!

Toughen it out and you'll be fine
Everybody got snuff in their mind
Enough to make us all a little lit up in the puff like Grimes
Who names they're kid...
Whatever they're named? Fine.
You can name 'em whatever you want to.
Watch them grow up and be bullied though,
Frontal lobe choke frontal
We don't want labcoats in our sauna
Nature's green and grand
Till you get mauled by the fauna.

I find that on the Grounds though,
I find that I cope and rise like hot smoke
I might be top dawg - I might be totes dope -
I might be hot shit - or shit - who doth know?
But I know that I grow with the notes,
The higher the lows, the tougher it gets,
The better it goes! The veteran shows!
You better with age, don't lessen the rage,
If Eminem can still spit like he can
I won't fill my jams with clutter

I won't stutter like I gag on butter.
I'll appreciate LIFE! Tell my fam I love 'em,
And we can jam through sickness and health,
Don't be a dick, live rich, stick to your principles!
And pin some fools in the public eye!
Don't begrudge your mind you pudgie guy!
Get up and fly! What I mean is I tell myself
I'm human. But I wanna be on the upper flight.
Go higher than office guys in aqua light.
Terrace view like poltergeists.

See y'all tomorrow....

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