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Inktober #29.5 - Too Much Lunch

I'm trying to record a promo today but I have a hunchfull! I am pumped up too but I got this lump
Where my belly is. I'm bloated like a friggin' overstuffed trunk.

So I must clunk out a half and some before it.
So I must do a little rapping as according.
So I must maybe get some action but I am flooring
All the dues this whole October wake with glow like every morning.

The days do be long sometimes though I won't lie...
Maybe doing both doodles and extra verses wasn't wise...
It's what keeps me up at night huh? Keeps on the light.
In my room. I'll keep going though until I get some pie.

That's dinner today. Kale and Feta pie oh my!
Best not eat too much then either though cause that time...
I just might get back and do some of that rhyme if I
Haven't digested this before the time is nigh.

Oh why, did I eat all of that pancake pizza, why...

New recipe btw. My own! It's pretty good.

Inktober #29 - Reduce

Reduce! It's a series.
Been going for seven years and the end? Not even near it.
You can choose to get into it with your friends or become a part
Of the crew and actually not just get tuned into but get too in to the art!

A cast with character. That's the foundation.
That's the glue that holds up this whole mutual creation.
In a miniature landscape, foes and threats we face in
Our journey to flee the damaging lands of our creating.

Science. There's science too in the art of war.
There's science in our growing, and of our being so small.
There's violence, but also ambiance within these halls!
The wild world that grows around us... when silence stalls.

It's a living world, though full of fungi and ants and madness.
Massive chitin-clad creatures that do massive damage!
If you have arachnophobia then best be wary,
Somewhere in here in the sequels it... may get hairy!

We've got Mejson, we've got MariogD and the *Bott!
It's stylized that way and he might say 'tsaa' a lot. (inside joke)
We've got Bill, we've got Candy, we've got the miracle man!
A team of savages all managing these bad lands!

Zip the caretaker, Mazurek the great creator,
Jimmy, Rowny, Delsin, Jason and a devil you might see later!
Steve and fallen comrades and God-DL lost among hombres,
A team of valiant vicious warriors all going on rage,

In this crazy land where you never know what is looming!
It'll show you what it truly means to be a human!
Progress may be slow, but the detail uncompromising.
Give the show a go you know? I'll let you know what I think.

It's atmospheric, it's ambient and exciting.
The plot steady gets better as does the ambient lighting.
And the foes they will get bigger! The show it will deliver!
Join us all you friends and show the foes you are a killer!

And finally, get your hands up high and yell with pride:
Flash will never die! As long as we're alive!


Inktober #28.5 - Can You Say PenisPolice

So Seth had a name change... did you know huh? He used to go by: Seth Skoda.
Now suddenly he is PenisPolice! But I don't want to say such obscene things to peeps!
So PenisPolice I'm a call you just Seth. I won't even say PenisPolice under my breath.
I won't even WRITE PenisPolice in the lyrics or on album credit or wherever I'll embed this.

Man PenisPolice I am deeply in grief. PenisPolice is just not a cool alias on the streets!
PenisPolice yeah it may be fun but when it's all said and done you know huh?
PenisPolice don't match Seth Skoda. I'll wait patiently for this PenisPolice phase...
To be over. Behold when PenisPolice changes BACK to... y'allreadyknow.

So yeah, Seth, hope you don't mind me not using that PenisPolice alter ego anywhere.
I'll just pretend like... this PenisPolice phase never happened. PenisPolice. Soon to be...
An emceee to be reckoned with! Topping charts! Everything! New world beckoning!
Wrecking things! Getting kings to act a fool when you're stepping in! Too unsettling!

Penis! Police. The liege...

Inktober #28 - Coldblooded

Ah! Cyberdevil! Seth! Here we go...

On my feet, I'm a get back on my feet,
I'm a get back to the beat, I'm a get it and defeat it.
Running through the streets, only neon signs a greeting me.
I can't flee the city it just brings me back repeatedly.

Weak at the knees! Weaker till I heave it off of me.
Got my daily cold shower and a pot of coffee/tea,
Rolling up my sleeves to ready for the doled lobotomy.
Daily media comfy, like a colonoscopy.

Rotoscope my voice till you can't tell I'm a guy.
Want to keep it lo-fi so no nosy AI
Is scoping me out, poking holes in my alibis,
Revolutionary by night... cause life is finite!

I jest, I kid, didn't do the things I say I did.
What did I say I did...? Whatever Shady biz.
I live the Aftermath of politician baby kids...
Steering the world and it's made me sick.

Future is muddied! It's hooded! It's stuck in such a rut!
But I'm cold-blooded! And in the summer I live it up!
Shed my shit skin... and get going like a truckload!
Rolling down a mountainside! I don't give no fucks no!

I can't be stopped! Quicksilver avalanche!
Quick get your hands up and flick 'em at the batting man!
Batting average is so low these days though no mind,
Mind control me? Oh I know that you're trying.

But you can't do much with mine, too much is mined,
Step into this human sandbox you'll just move like a mime
I'm just a demo demon me, but I'm working like a devil,

With and on the WIP! I double my IP!
Twice the presence, just the one session inside me.
The one and only old me, aging uncontrollably,
Flows falter slowly, ending in a cold beat.

When the heartbeat don't beat, when you just wane,
When you lie down on the floor and hope they recall your name
And you look at what you did, and you question what it meant,
You wonder what it means cause really it don't make sense!

And the world just keeps on spinning! From end to beginning!
Go out with a bang! Then get a big bang beginning.
It's foolish to think I fuel a BEAT in this cycle,
But I shall school me too in true Taekwondo...

And get on my feet, I'm a get back on my feet!
I'm a kick it like a G, I'm a amp it like a champ!
I'm a get to my emceeing with an anger that you can't,
Put out even if you pissed on me... I'd just be pissed off.

You think this kid is soft?!

I will piss back. I shit not.

Inktober #27.5 - That F-o-D Flow Don'tchaknow

When the beat's just bangin' man I go cray!
Wish I could go on one of these every day!
F-o-D we really gotta make a mixtape mate?
Wouldn't that be great? I think it would yay!

Something about the speed or the percussion.
There's just something there there's just something!
That pushes me up to a whole other level!
Of hype and FUN. I don't really know if I'm better

But I like this one! And all the other little bites we've done.
Father-of-Death you are hype man one (#1). Yeah...

Inktober #27 - Oi Mate

YEAAAH! Huh- YEAH! Cyberdevil! Hah!

Yeaaah! It really is me!
Cyberdevil going on down in history!
Feel foggy today but my sound is unique!
Just gotta have fun and clown around to this beat! Uh!

Hit the town on this street!
It goes the right way so I just frown at my feet!
Walk past peeps like they're just grass or trees!
If you don't want to see 'em that's the way to flee 'em!

My demons! Still up in my head and eating.
My braincells! Maybe I can seek some freedom.
In a jail cell! Time to contemplate and breath in,
And do pull-up's till I look like Hulk I'm bull buff.

The train went, while I was waiting out at the station,
No time in real life for this kind of contemplation,
Face it, the mirror when you wake up and go poop.
Oi mate! Here's another bop for your loop.

Yeah! It really is a beaut!
I should be out in the park! Or the court shooting hoops!
Instead I'm sitting in my cube! Wishing I could do!
Anything I set my mind to! What's new?

Chop Suey! The other day I did play a game of.
Frisbee Golf. And listened to 'killing in the name of'
Still feels raw and as relevant as ever.
Cliche y'all: get out and do better.

Than me. But I'm a needy mediocre emcee.
Beady eyes peeking through the pecan tree fields
Eating kiwi, sipping on tea by my PC
Collecting B/P on NG habibi...

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