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Inktober #19 - The Cold Verse

Yeah I got a cold.
I think you'll hear it on my vocal notes,
I need more clearance on my vocal folds,
I've a rich appearance on this here nose.

I have a train booked for tomorrow,
At 6 AM I was going home but I...
Wonder if that trip's alright,
Sitting five hours on a train like this might bite.

There's nothing wrong with my steeze,
I have clothes that'll last me a week,
I have vitamins and food yeah I'm good,
And I got a fine nine hours sleep,

I COULD stay here till I'm better,
Or at least past sickness peak,
Read some comics, watch some movies,
Work from a distance too if I need so...

What do I do do I take it slow?
Do I hibernate till I tame the cold?
My big bro's jumping on the train today -
They'll be at my place while I'm away

Got Stockholm Open to attend to too,
That's a tennis feud, dad's a tennis dude,
If I do recoup till next week I'll have plenty,
Of room to collab with the people of NG,

And hang out for a day or two till my bro
And co head home to this approved stronghold (in Östersund!)
The paper's piling and my sniffer drips
Might be wise to postpone this trip...

Inktober #18 - In Östersund

Up in Östersund!
Sat on the train with a lump in my throat...
Thought I might be maybe catching a cold... still hoping I won't...
Rain hitting the windows as I open my notes... on my laptop...
And wrote a bit of prose as I scoped...
The conductor on the rails looking for something by the train...
Did we roll over a human? That'd be a shame...
I don't mean to sound ALL too cold - I really ain't!
But we humans are overrated - we're everywhere and a pain.

I'm in Östersund!
Turns out we didn't run over any blood specimen...
Another animal though? They're not in my dieting regimen...
That'd be more sad to me than any of US going,
But they said nothing of the sort - maybe don't want US knowing.
According to the conductor it might've just been a rock.
So I rocked on. Typed on my laptop till it got hot.
Or rather till the vein in the battery nearly drained -
And I shut it off! I'll recharge it at home again or rather...

In Östersund!
At my big bros apartment there -
It's been there for twenty years - still dope but worse for wear -
It's crazy how time goes - year after year after year -
And we KEEP fucking up ozone layers and atmosphere.
We ought make ourselves scarce... we ought get off our arses.
And move to other galaxies. Find us some other Marses.
Instead we drain our marshes - and chuck out lots of garbage -
Till this beautiful planet smells like a sweaty armpit.

Land? I'll farm it. Won't exploit or destroy it.
Water's full of plastic and PFOS - need to filter or boil it
The world's turning apocalyptic - we never needed no fallout
All we needed was to let these corporations go all out
Up here in the blissful nature - freedom meets the eye
And the great lakes still filter all these chemicals and dyes
They recommend you don't eat more than one fish a MONTH
If you fish in the great waters of the once great

On my Boya microphone cause that's what I've with me
Yesterday was good and I was feeling giddy - today though?
Don't want to admit it but I probably am catching a virus...
Throat is scratchy like I swallowed a scrap of papyrus...
That's life huh? Soon as you hit the high notes!
It brings you back down again - from pillars to pylons,
I've no plans on stopping though even if I won't
Uphold the POWER. We're going! Till the final hour.

In Östersund!

Inktober #17 - Back On Tracks

AKA Train Acapella, On Tracks, Tracking On, Full Send...

In transit again! Intrinsically on my way!
WHEN will this end? Lately I'm just all over the place!
I'll be here with my nephew now so from beats I'll be stepping down,
Spending time with my kin and getting rowdy like a felon now,

Wait! When did I last have a beat here? I forget.
Did I up the level too much recent years? I'm taking steps.
I'm slowing down... am I not in my zone though or going all out
Like a Borderlands goon with a baton and spokes on a gown?

I spoke too soon! I'll always go all month like a monsoon!
Rain tunes! Raving Mad like I'm Seann William Scott - that's who!
Every night party like Cancun or like I'm in Cannes too!
Or like I'm North up in June when the sun never truly boos you!

Who's that dude with mayhaps one or two screws loose?
Who keeps yelling in his room like he's mad at the whole new school
Sat all winter with YouTube, now suddenly I have too many moves,
Flying around like I'm just... loopity looped!

Cuckoo in the hoot! But woot woot, I still feel true!
I still eat my last meal then stay up... way too late it may suck!
But there won't be a day where I don't play this made up game!
Till my vocals strain! Or I go insane! Or I gain some fame?

Or JUST... hone my savage skills. That I have to kill.
Competition if I'm faced with chads who have no need to kick it,
Who just want to rhyme a bit and get intrinsic with it!
Lyrical killers! Who have no Glocks, only straight missiles!

I will fire! You if you don't help me build this empire!
Like an Umpire I'll tow the line... like broken cars! Going far!
From Blue Pokemon to lingon and lots of jars, on a farm,
Where snow falls in bucketloads and locks you down!

Or NewGrounds! On a journey for white teeth or for dentures!
There's always a new day and great adventures! Just waiting around the bend!
I'm a END this like the Ender's Game - I'm in transit again.
Full Send.

(Move out!)

Inktober #16 - That Beat

AKA The Beat, I'm Beat, The Beat Up, Back On That Beat...

Yeah! Cyberdevil! Hotstuff! The Stuffling! It is us! Yuh! (Let's goooo...)

I'm back in business! Stacking chips like I've done something fishy!
Like I'm dealing with the white powder dough! Better come and get me!
Can never be too Shifty in this Crazy Town! Or the Grounds!
Yeah I've been around! Ask X.

Centenarian wannabee kicking it while I'm fresh!
Only got like eighty-two years or something such left!
Straight off the press - ironing out my life in like a hundred steps
I'm the maddest ladder - high like Niagara - not ironed out yet

Def like a Leppard, never choosy like a beggar
Fooly Cooly's on my record, on grooves screwy like Heath Ledger's movies
I just wanted to be cool! Ain't got nothing to prove though,
Make it big sumo, kick it out the crib Juno

Nature calls me as soon as I get in these walls,
Wrote a bit at the airport but my mind it wanders
Out windows to the pine cone's all in my dome's
Green and stone - tree and bone, need a clone that can

Handle my city life for me! Cause I don't want it.
And all the office life bores me! I'm not that kind of guy.
I'll die early if I live that kind of life, and I aim to be a hundred PLUS!
So what to try.


It's got me beat! No ideas inside my noodle!
What about that BEAT though? Is that the cure-all?
I dually noted I can duke it out and choose the route of rap
But also note that if I don't go all the way then I won't snap

Oh snap! Epiphane get a hit of me
History will never be the same when I truly hit the tree lane
The free lane, the freeway, where we ain't, what they say
We need to be to function in society - we stray

We can get a little plot of land and farm some
And gather up! Collective living for hard funds
You just need to work a bit then sit in circles and spit
And jam, in cloudberry land, wouldn't THAT be the shit?

Sounds like a hippie trip to me! But I'm not on hard drugs
No pharmaceutical giants will ever harm us!
We ought get back to our roots, and get stupid,
Life is a hoot if you're an owl - or stay you kid -


True living! Dudes can get it if you don't do!
What they tell us to! Don't get debted in no school!
It's the Hunger Games! Though they play with deceptive tactics -
Feed us a little bat shit or pump amphetamine in our veins

Anti-depression drugs - don't you think they're a little strange?
All they're trying to sell us that we know not to take,
Why are we depressed in the first place? Let's set it straight
Pharmaceutical trails embedded in our bays and lakes

It won't get better! So we aim for the next world!
They call it conquering - always thought it was bonkers!
It's not all about handling - more destroying!
I see no rhyme and reason in any of them just monsters!

Can't tame me! I'm wild like a lion but going ape - hey!
I'm back to spitting but shit man, it's getting late!
Cyberdevil's up and coming hundred years and running wonders
Stuffling on the beat, HOTSTUFF! Getting sunburn.

It's that beat!

Inktober #15 - Shrug This One Off

Cyberdevil! Father-of-Death. YES.

I'm baaacck! For but a couple of days! But still. Let's play...


I'm preppin' to knock one out here! Straight out the park!
Is it midnight quite yet? Oh yes! It is after dark!
No stress! I'm in in good time! Don't sound the alarm!
It's just CD and F-O-D alright we're quite the calm... duo!

I suggest you move though! Up to the bluest igloo!
I reckon you'll lose it if you're close to this like a new Nintendo!
Been going a bit bonkers without the beats the kicks or the bongos!
Or mental experimental melodies - gots to get on those

Is this the latest rage?! Anything F-o-D makes!
Feel like I've been gone for days! I got bills but can you spare change?
The world needs ways and means! Some methods of getting better!
All we do is create machines! And dig our way down to the nether!

Helll...p. The world!

Good night.

Inktober #14 - Stadshotellet Luleå

Rainy day, I am today,
In a little room on the third floor - view out the bay,
View that makes me want to move to Luleå,
Even if I got DRENCHED on my lunch break promenade,

Still makes better sense than to stay shifty!
Staying in the city I feel's pretty shitty!
Full of rich assholes - it always gets me!
Why they choose to live where it's so iffy?

WHY choose to live in the midst of this slime?
Their conviction's one of a kind,
Like the pollution and grime is worth it?
Long as they get by and money to buy

Amenities to have a comfortable home,
Or be close to the shows, the ruse, the folks,
Have roofies and coke, caviar and lobster, bottles of wine...
I couldn't afford to buy in a lifetime.


Whatever! I'm in Stadshotellet - and this is better!
Than hostels! Or hospitals! Or cocktails!
And the weather don't matter to me I've been together!
With a bunch of coincidental colleagues and new team!

And I'm warm as if I've a sweater not a loose tee!
Or in a garden bombing the weed with whatever can kill it!
It's an ashen day but I'ma mash like Skrillex
Going cray cray on a beat - then chill next,

I don't lack no sleep,
I have no fire to tend to now! Relax... emcee
Ate lunch yesterday at a pizzeria
Not today! Hotel breakfast fills me up

For a longer duration! Body's strong on vacation!
Gut can handle scrambled eggs better than inflammation
Got a bag of dates left - I'm trying to ration!
Never mind eat 'em up, today's celebration!

That I managed all I set out to do, and I've room!
For dinner and a couple movies - expiration dates there too!
Got two tickets, so I'll be up all night and kicking it with
Cinema mastery like The Abyss and... similar flicks!

High on sci-fi by a sea that floats by...
This city's coastline is smooth like Cardi B...
I party hardly but as soon as the rain drifts away...
I'm hitting the city today.

(...and at the cusp of midnight...)

Hey! Life's great...

Last time I wrote a rhyme in a hotel must've been Riga.
Off in Latvia - on a Monica suite feeling similarly up.
I didn't remember this other sense of paranoia.
That sound goes through the walls... so I gotta keep it coy huh?

Been lately painting a picture of my life like Goya,
Beautiful and bright... chandeliers in the foyer...
Taking control... like I'm a Titan or Destroyah,
Like a Viking! Just going out and taking, I win!

Fierce like the lightning! Recording on a Boya
Everyday a new adventure and every venture something FLY!
But if I give you that impression, that's really not my life
I still feel isolated like I'm high on life but just a kite.

It's a FUEL that I use, new events, to change things...
The more I'm exposed to the world, the less complacenent,
The more momentum I set myself in the less stagnation!
But it partly feels pointless like what game am I playing?

Would rather just be home and building sometimes...
I'm climbing hills - I'd rather sit still and spin some nice rhymes...
I'd rather siphon beats and collab with ALL
Dedicate myself to Inktober ONE fall,

Then again what would the point be thereof... what would I say then?
New topics come to mind when on vacation,
There's purpose to this grind - no purpose in safing,
Staying in that same green room until I'm ancient.

So I'm planning way more hotel trips if I can get by!
Collecting business tips to live my best life!
Planning to be just like those I professed are slimeballs!
Cause in the end getting somewhere is what life is... all...

About y'all... or is it?

I'm in Elite Hotels Stadshotellet Luleå staying prolific.

Siphoning doubt, spitting it out, this is my route, rain is subsiding, time to go... South.

And time to sleep... so I don't wake all these... other peeps.

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