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Inktober #23 - No Reality No Fate

Ey, this is cool, this is... just what I need right now... calm down and get to speed right now... painkiller is sound, umbilical bound, unlimited, limitless lounge...

In a hotel foyer, usually I feel misplaced like a lawyer in an alleyway,
Starring down the barrel or a bottle or whatever, never won the lotto but my motto is to rebel,
Be cooler than an airoplane, free like the wind, let your hair reign, like a cheetah in a minute
Live its own life, flow like an anaconda, tomorrow you'll be broke with no magic wand so

Live now, one day you're Wakanda and the next, you take off in an old-fashioned jet
The road's full of potholes and potheads but watch your step! Might run into one on meth!
Life's a jungle, see the green bramble, tumble under, down under you cannot fathom,
Fumble if you want to, it will make you strong too, you can mow lawns too -

To get buff! Or lift cars and stuff. A little VW Polo or a bus!
I must overstate that in the world I distrust, but the forests... I do love them! So... green and lush!
A touch of mother nature is uncouth you toothbrush.
Go! Do your thing! No reality. No fate.


I can keep going till it grows late, like in Speed like a bus with no breaks,
Like you lift, if you're something like Arnold in his prime,
Or a farmer on a farm when it's sun and summer time

Office jobs, who thought they were a smart move?
Werewolf risk sitting in a dark room
Or a woof, when listening to DMX, feel depressed?
Put that guy on blast you will see so red you wonder if you busted some central artery on your neck
Vexed, unfortunately he's no longer left (rest)...


No reality no fate!
I walk around at my own pace
Don't waste time but I've no haste
I know I will only grow eh

If I keep on
Jumping on the sofa till I lose enough calories
Balancing on metal beams and loosen up reality
Nothing's gonna keep me down! While I tally bodies

Stack 'em like an anti-body
What's your take on that astrology?

Inktober #22.5 - Glasses Break

My glasses broke today... I almost panicked
I hate wearing these things, I can't stand it
Yet I'm so reliant now even while sitting here
By the computer, shit like this makes me despair

They're thin ones. With no frame, just glass and temples
In pliable metal, I've had 'em forever
Suddenly today one temple just... breaks in half!
And that is that, seems I'll have to lash out some cash.

I taped it up though. It works but it looks wonky.
Complemented it with a thin plastic tube I could put on.
Connect both sides where the metal had done gone wrong
The break was close to the glass though, so it... can't be that long

And now I'm wearing crooked glasses, still I'm seeing alright
Tomorrow morning I'll have to take these out for a drive
It'd be kinda catastrophic if they somehow unlatch while the way is high
On the highway... cause without these on I can't see signs

But I guess it'd be alright, I can still see the road
I can still slow down and not crash into other folks
And I can still keep on reading and using computers as normal
But I NEED to order new ones... to wield when I need formal, presentable

Glasses... and I do know it's a scam man,
That's where the cash is. I won't spend it all but...
No choice.

Inktober #22 - When Inspiration Wanes...

My inspiration wanes... wish I was playing some other game, than life,
But I can't complain I can't complain!
I can watch movies I can get on planes and fly up to the North again,
Every year, up and down, it's the same.

Have cents to spare on foods when I need to eat I'm good,
I buy games and I get books - though always when on sale.
I support a few people and get in credits with my name,
I've bought a couple paintings, put the Perrotin to shame

I have spare time, when I can get out or clear mind
Have time to still record this and air all my fears high
Sit in a dark light, rhyming up things on a sharp mic
I've watched Jaws, Sharknado, Snow and Sand Sharks, not Shark Night yet

And I'm on the Internet, been running a site some eighteen years
Remember when you were just eighteen yeah?
When you looked at your parents like they were old as fuck, and hope to strut,
Way past them have a blast then in a mo' you're stuck

And you're just in that adult life, waiting and stagnating
For what. For family? For only biological mating?
You have a car and you have costs, and you wonder what it was
That you dreamt of, when you were just a little kid and lost

Have I spent all my energy on being dependent and free
And still I live in this old system that commends only greed?
And vote for the same politicians that mess up their job,
And still get a paycheck for the rest of their life when they're off

Did I chose the wrong path? Could've been a con man too
Could've had pockets full of cash and gone that route
It seems naive to feel the world is worth saving
When you look down at the dirt pavement


Sometimes that is what hurts ain't it? That whatever existence you create.
What difference does it make when you just live with all these apes.
All these cancerous cretins who can't see the shit they step in,
And walk around spreading that shit, these foul-smelling of brethren,

But if you don't tell them they've stepped in shit, how will they know?
Open their eyes and you open a ray of hope.
A little ray may be just a sliver and barely noted,
But a river of little rays? Better than a whole emote grid

If you stay holed in your home maybe it does seem hopeless,
Cause no one will know you even cope with the cold at your lowest,
If they don't at least see you seasonally equip your clothing!
There's no betterment in bitterness, no happiness in loathing,

No progress! Take one to make up for lost steps!
And I want to run now! Serotonin mosh pit aw shit!
The safe routines you make they are just barriers for time
That truly matters! Get out of your acrid bin and shine!

Step out of the line sometimes! If you hear wrong you say NO!
Be the hero YOU would go to who doesn't fear a failure's woe!
Stare the stairs down till the wise guys aren't beaming on a terrace,
But graveling beneath you in the grievance of their errors


That's not harrowing is it? That's the goal.
The battle, is to be artistic and in control,
To know of your own faults, to know you aren't whole,
To know you are all learning as you go with the ropes,

To just keep on getting better,
Till your competitors fall down and it seems you've
Been the lead forever

To keep on helping others,
Till you feel you've helped yourself to discover,
The worth of this endeavor, and your brothers,

Everyone's a family!
I'll be damned if I don't feel at least happy with my day
When I'm back to sleep

Life may be turbulent,
But I'm not burning through this candle I'm revering it,
Till I have no fear of death.

Just appreciation, for those who do good!
And can stand clear and adjacent, and be a bit more patient,
Know we'll clear this nation, of those in control,
And give it back it's soul y'know?

There's a window. For change.

As long as we know. We can.

Let's go; take aim!


When inspiration wanes... shit gets real!

Inktober #21.5 - A New Way Wane Away

It's a new way, new way, new way, new way, new way, new waaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-ay... 6x
It's a new way, new waaaaa-a-a-a-ay... 4x
It's a new way, new waaay! Yeah-ah... 4x

*a lot of new ways and new waaaays*

A new way new way new way wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane away, wane a wane a wane a way...

Inktober #21 - Words

I feel I'm running out of time...
There is never enough time for the cleverest rhyme but I
Will put my heart in every line...
If you don't feel the beat, you got the heart of a LYING.
I wish to redefine.
The world in the WORLD, not just the world in my mind.
It all starts with a word. What kind of word can defy
The makers of these words that make up our life
And the cultural norms, that form how we see,
The words as they're MADE, not how they all mean
As intended when they were in the age of the FREE

If I may have a word, where the maker is ME -
Maybe I can start to try, to restart the skies
That they make us see, as the stark confines,
Of our made up leige, beneath these lines
Like the skies are steal, but not straight up sheets
Something's crooked, something's cooking -
In the bakery.

Words though.
Though they inherit intention and hurt so.
Though we learn slow - get stuck in our stoves and burn coal.
It's almost like they make... us free.

Inktober #20.5 - Twenty Twenty

Man I'm on a mission.
Man on a mission.
I keep on wishing,
I was doing better,
That I was at a,
Pole position.

Not like a stripper,
Like a racer,
Like a smoke past you
Not face you,
Like a go past you
Not chase you,
Like an old pastor
That's still got it.

Fly like the tractor
Is my Porsche.
Fly from the backstreet
Way down North.
Fly on the asphalt,
Though it touches,
I've got clutches,
I'm a sport.

Man on a mission.
Man I am on a mission!
To go this full month,
And handle it bitchin',
Got something cooking,
Bob's in the kitchen.
Caserole position.

Pots and pans but
I don't give a damn,
I'm itching.

Must be nettles,
Put on a kettle,
I gotta stop when it's over!

I gotta get better.

And get some clover.

And write some letters.

Twenty Twenty Bentley.


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