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Inktober #23.5 - At Buddy Bears

I've been at buddy bears yeah! I had a headache and then he had one.
But still we got out just to flee our slump!
We've been at his grandma's place raking leaves and having tea.
Tea for him - for me? Coffee. And saffron buns.

Wasps? No wasps. Just the wind softly.
Blowing against our foreheads cooling 'em down.
While we move all around and then sit down and start talking.
And get to walking back, we the truth in this town.

It's been a good day. And then movies a round!

Inktober #23 - Glumpunk

AKA The Headmass, The Headweight, Headyweight...

I got a headache but it's passing I'm amassing
More energy to rap then I can write out on a napkin
When life starts toughening up and seems too much for you to laugh at
Maybe you've just gotta get a laugh track, huh?

See the world with new eyes, don't take for granted
All the things you're doing have done and are now planning
This span of time waits for no one! Soon you'll be old
Like a cripple with a young soul bursting to let go

To flee the wrinkled prison it's encapsulated in
To be out in the free with all that matters to it again
To get back to Gaia, to life and to the cycle
All that's grand and vital, but age... despite all...

Has goodness too. I accept that I cannot do.
Everything. I accept there is bettering.
To be done. I accept life don't wait for no one.
You get out! Or you'll just be a grunt.

A glum punk hellbent on not helping anyone out.
Is that you want? Take a break, let it all out.

And it better be loud. Yeah...

Inktober #22.5 - Bioquarl

Quarl... yo what a master with the noise.
With the beat. With the horticulture feat too boys.
You want to be happy with your life? Then don't get toys.
Go meet the right one and get down, and get coy.

And be true to your visions. Chase the truest of dreams.
Just don't screw with the system too much just move in between.
And be generous/giving. And keep the goo in your spleen!
Stand up straight and go the right way. You're living it queen.

Quarl... props and esteem warp.

You got it.

Inktober #22 - Bioloom

AKA Biolumen, Bioplume, Biolume, Oceans...

Quarl! Cyberdevil too.

Sea. Me. Flow. Ting. Neath. The. Qi. Wee. Trees...

Sleeping. Peace. Fully. Don't. Tell me. I need to...

Wake up... wake up... wake up! Wake up... wake up! Wake up...


Trudging on! Looking back at the rubble.
The bubblewrap popping and the struggle back yonder.
New moon's going to be huge soon I wonder if we're too cool,
How can we do much new stuff?

Wonder why! I don't see the shade just a buzzing light!
Shining bright in my rear view mirror.
I fear I'm bitter but I'll clear that maybe with the clearest liquor,
Or this here residue.

Keep going! It's not for the weak no.
I sleep no nights! I don't need no cheatcode!
I see this light, and I feel we glow!
A behemoth vibrant creamy gold!

I'm in my right mind! You can tell by my rhyme!
Thought I was growing old but I find I'm in my prime still!
Never wilt, and I'll never die either.
I bleed life, people call me the light seeker.


Light me on fire and I'll go!
Can't stop me till I either explode!
Or implode! And take with me my soul!
See no evil though feel no cold!

Light me up on fire I'll shine!
Feel my heartbeat and read my mind!
I don't want no trouble I'm fine!
I'm not grieving I'm not crying!


Trudging on! Leaving everything behind me!
Don't see where I'll peak but I guess I'll keep climbing!
Whole mountain is enclosed in a fine mist!
How far can I go? Who knows, keep rhyming.

Oceans swept us through a billion years of using,
To the point we're living at, truly evolution,
Miracles of life and in skies these cloudscapes,
Sit on them a while, swim around in a sky lake.

Keep going! Even if it gets crazy.
You cannot reduce me. You cannot erase me.
Keep fighting! Cause it truly is amazing.
I bash humanity, but I really do have faith in.

All these dudes growing up all around me,
Somewhere out there someone is gonna find it,
The one thing that maybe calms and unites us,
When I went in school was that dude sitting on my bus?


Inktober #21.5 - Astral Caserole

Astral Caserole's what I wanted to call it...
Isn't that how you spell it? Well that's appalling...
I feel it looks way better with just the one s, but I guess...
I must change it. Ah. What a mess...

I really enjoy those smooth tunes by S3C though!
Free flow. It's soft, it soothes, and heals - never lethal!
Don't even need a DJ though we been rolling...
Bizkit pun? Yeah, two thirds and we going.

This the astral! Caserole! Have a toast. That a bloke!


Inktober #21 - Spoiler Alert

AKA A Bond, A Time To Die, Time To Die, Daniel Craig...

Daniel Craig, you were beautiful as the brewing day,
The legacy you leave it will never reduce or fade,
The way you stood there on the roof while everything just blew away,
Lived life till the fullest till you'd choose a new embrace,

Forever in the eons bet no one'll forget your name!
Remember Casino Royale when you stepped up into this game,
It left such profound impression I could go back and take lessons,
For a while had an obsession with the double zero legend.

Double oh, pardon me, still need a heart to beat,
UK fortitude amped up flowing in glowing arteries,
We all do! Have a choice on how to see the world and boy
Did you choose your poison! Be it alcohol or the woman.

But did ya'll have to kill off Felix? Still fresh with the grievance?
And Specter went away almost too fast for it to mean things.
And after that pompous ending with the sky of fire sending
You into a new dimension, it's all work to back and then some?

Come on now! Remember when Moneypenny got back and was black,
That was a cool twist, but an all female bond? Forget about that!
You could be cool in another movie you bad-ass beauty Naomi,
Or Lashana Lynch but sue me JAMES Bond is the true G.

There used to be real men in those novels by Ian Fleming,
You want to go with trending? Albert Broccoli's a bending.
I thought you had good stuff going and it wouldn't stop for no one.
But now I don't really know will it be a good show or no huh?

It's been an honor Craig though, fare well and Aloha,
Didn't mind you from the start, though people frowned on you from the go up
Blonde hair instead of black hair, back then that was a big thing.
Hope they're not thinking this will be akin to all that bling bling!

It is a good time to die though, depressing with this whole age thing,
You went out with a blast, lived fast, but had time to claim things,
Save the world a few times, leave imprints in a few minds,
Always go with class, brass buckle suit and shoeshine.

So I want to send you homage! Want to remember the moment.
And that this life is short and that it sucks if you don't own it.
I'm not saying we all should go merk terrorists hellbent on populace cleaning.
But live life with true intentions. Live life like you mean it.

And look up at the sun and see double o's up there gleaming.

Stunting. Stunning. Behemoth. Hey eh... spoiler alert.

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