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Inktober #7 - A Littl Beatbox Surprise


Littlbox up in the place to be! Unexpected collab with this great emcee!
He's got the wand! Got the tools! Gonna freeze the beat!
He's got the cool! All of you'll be getting weakened knees! Aw yeah!
RUN! Like way back in the DMC days! Snoop D O G on the beats that we played!
I wasn't really born back then but I can replay! These great legends - they breath like venom!
And this beatbox phenom- enon has got my pen running strong! You think you got it maaan you gotta get on!
We like Gorillaz with bongs, the wild high life I like! The high strides and stakes and skylights I'd like my nice place to have!
Forget that though, it's better to rap.
In a cozy little cot, cottage or a closet.
Empty rooms have eerie acoustics? I got it.
It's gonna take a hit to get rich! Yeah I'm on it.
And a lot of grit, gift and heavenly harmonics!
We're not there yet we're so far from it, I mean come on man, littlbox I'm honored but if I'm honest this beatbox song bit you sent me fucking... ROCKS!

Takes me back to my old rap battles!
I mean writers block, can't say I got that lately.
I can't even stop, littlbox got me crazy,
Going off the top! Gonna burn a block. Jay Z.
But for now I want to go outside and pick daises,
Prep for the war, for the morgue or for Day Z.
You never know when it'll come but lately,
I feel like life is quite amazing. Hey!
I don't know what else to say! Gotta get a lot of medals so I've games to play!
Gotta write a lot of reviews, the X won't Wayne!
I gotta post, gotta boast, gotta roast the game!
And put all folks who can't flow to shame! Or maybe leave some wisdom.
A little encouragement and optimism on your ALL but sub-par submissions! Yeah.
This is the C to D with the lit t l b o x! We're rolling, finna host some shows next!
The merch is coming there's a lot of progress!
And of course you know we're both dope and so def.

Inktober #6 - Crickets

You should really come and kick it,
With a couple of Crickets.
They gon' be your ticket to another world -
Dig it?

Though they're way out on the East Coast,
and I'm on the Pacific.
Or wherever Sweden is (I wish),
No need to be specific...

We had a great time I hope!
I wrote this rhyme before,
We huddled up...
And primed some S'mores.

And saw some dinosaur hordes with swords,
Maybe sought NG lore,
Sputtered some putty and -
Talked some more!

They've got a pod to enrich with!
Goodman and lil' kid.
The illest diligent intelligence embassy in this
Ground where we frown no more!

There's never time for bored.
If you've never been in town: what for?
I implore you to join up now, you missin' out,
Come and kick it with the crickets they'll show you around -

Your new home. And post Malone.

Inktober #5 - The Flier Marshall pt.1

So I'm back in my head again,
Racking in to be a real-life Eminem,
Better than? Have I been?
Will I Am? Can I win?
Lacking Anakin level grim,
Liking Feminem... feminine?
I will NEVER am! Understand that.
Anti LBTQ you hell nah!
Anti feminists, liberals, literals, syllables,
Anti everything! To be king! Too derivative
To live! I need to find a cool-skinned beauty.
Stupid. I didn't go to school for booty.
Always moody. Outside too cool to do my duties.
Screw it, I'm flunking math I flew in too deep.
I do these. Studies. Wonder if he influed me?
Subdued me, when I could be Duke and Rudy?
Nuke em' all! Booby trap all floors Houdi-
ni couldn't cruise our floor without gruesome course.

But I could've gotten that Dinero! All breaks we played Liero!
Real outlaws, real lost, real vaqueros!
Pero yo quiero become something very bueno,
Con mi fuego! No quiero solo jugar juegos!
But fuck it. We did it till we all were weirdos.
Gamers. On graduation: Ground Zero.
We sat in the sun, and sweated, and felt faint,
Everybody celebrated but I didn't feel elated,
And I STILL don't want to be something I ain't!
But what am I? A Rabi? A bad guy? I bat eye.
I wonder. I want to find my thunder but I'm partial.
Do I want to be me, or be Marshall?


Marshall? Marshall? I'm a little harsh y'all.
Can't degrade the grade A arson starter,
FIRE Marshal with the garden arsenal.
And get me that damn glam/throne.
Stop giving me bizkits I want a bone.
I'm an unknown everyday Joe but I'm in the zone,
In my home, male G-spot, we rock, groans.
My name's Bob, bebop, you know?
I'm from hell. I'm just warming up. Here we go.
I'd like to show y'all I stall and I don't...
What am I saying? I mean put on a show.
Yo! And I'm homely, but only homely when I'm not home,
I'm always homing in with a grin, I like to glow.
Beware radium dials as interior vials,
If you don't want to just die and decompose,
They're inferior. But they'll last a thousand years or so.
Some things I wish I didn't hear or know.
Radium get lost - and don't get me started on asbestos,
and the costs to clear your home.
I'm homesick. Yak and I cough I'm packing the sauce,
We grow rich and bask in the floss, you know it.
And I'm grown up I have no zits!
Flow was slow in '06, but so, wait slow down, listen...

I'm just playing, I'm just saying, I don't know this.
I'm not holy nor am I whole I'm partial.
Do I take the rooted maybe marital route or drugged and duped Marshall?

Ah... what the hell y'all I'm Cyberdevial.

Inktober #4 - Are We All Just Pokemon?

I'm feeling stressed man, feeling like a Yes Man,
People ask me can I help? And I tell 'em yes: can.
And I guess yes I can, but I just feel obsessed,
With all I had planned, and damn man I get easy stressed!
And my physique's not great, but I won't hand it back.
I'm so happy I don't have panic attacks,
Or suicidal thoughts - not now - no longer!
Life may be tough but tough means stronger!
And strong men make a strong world, a good world,
makes weak men, makes bad change, makes strong
men that get taken! I'm single I'm just paraphrasing.

Have you learned your lesson? When up at dawn.
Playing Pokemon. That's obsession.

Is it my turn to question? What I've done wrong.
Wa da da ding. Wa da da ding dong.

What a world, what a blessing! And it goes on.
Waterworld, what a wet thing! No wedding there wrong.
Or among Lego I bet you your ego would oxide, ergo proxy,
I'd be like WOW at that moxey - easily impressioned.

And easily depressed with depression. So I write songs!
When my world is a prison. So I grow strong!
With the word and the rhythm. Won't turn to religion.
I've been burned by fanatics so I turned to an addict,
Of loose acapellas and features!

And cute, fluffy, pocketable creatures I...
gotta go back.

Fade to... (Pokemon) Black.


Are we trapped?
There's that wonder I've had all along.
Are we all just...

Inktober #3 - Sleep Right Now

I can't sleep right now.
I got too much to write down.
Intkober's... gotta me kinda stressed,
What if I miss a day...? What a shame.
On my brain, the pain, of not being all I aim.
The stress is the good kind of stress though,
Feel I got a threshold of good vibes to let go,
Feel I can do it. I can make music.
At seven times the pace of any prime artist.
And tastes do differ! But I race my liver!
I'm raised to wither! All reign come hither!
Live like a KING till I face my mirror.


Is it really just a selfish joke though?
The shoals woke me in our roped in row boat.
And I wonder what I'm doing this for.
Am I human or Thor. Do I like you need an oar -
To take me places. Or do I just chew moving forward?
Call it fast food: I just eat it as I blast through!
Prolificism... it comes with any kind of passion!
Pro living isn't... something you get with any ration-
al advice. Thanks Sun for the sanction,
I'll bank to the left when I write with a traction.

But I can't sleep right now...
I can't sleep right now -
I CAN sleep, right now!

Mind you. I can do anything I set my mind to.

Inktober #2 - In A Flash

Two. Boom. Thought about hitting up Toon Boom.
I haven't opened up Flash in a while...
But I'm rash. You think I'll let my stash just pile?
I've no time for that line of craft so: mic.

Too. True. Time's a real virtue.
You spend it wrongly you'll wrong and you'll hurt you.
But carry on, and grow strong, and you'll learn who
Really owns the world! Here we go you heard?

It's two. Boom. Thought about hitting up Toon Boom.
Got so many memories and laughs in that aisle...
But that's the past. So I look back and I smile.
And relapse for a while. Open Flash make a file and it's

Violent! Like in the LiveCorpse days.
I'm feeling like a corpse when I'm live on stage
Listen again while I try to intertwine some frames.
And make a tween. You know what I mean? Flash don't age until

Two. Thousand and twenty two... damn!
Adobe's killing Flash, that's a scam!
Steve Jobs lobbied for it but now he's dead,
So why floor it? Take another course instead, it's so

Childish! The world has no openable eyelids.
No open mind - no mind. I can't find it!
You want to search? I bet it's out there somewhere in the universe,
But it takes us time, and it's timeless.

Truth it hurts. So nobody wants to feel it.
You'll be purged. In this stupid verse of feelings.
Ubi lurks. He's got the juice and the meaning.
I'm brewing thirst. Gotta get lucid and screaming!

My duty first: to spread awareness and reason.
And who here stirs? To take this brew till it's green lit!
I do be cursed, to stoop in dues without meaning,
But you done heard, maybe, what I do with word?

Lately I feel music is truly worth doing first.
It's number 2 chasing demons.

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