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Inktober #15 - Resistance

I met some kind of resistance.
You know I'm never really bored, but the night is pretty late now and I've gotta perform.
I've had time to write today, but for some reason I stalled.
And now time has run away and I've an hour till I snore.

Ate a musty dinner so I can not do no fast rap!
Feeling pretty tired though I really repped my last nap.
Need to just combobulate, bring myself to populate,
Empty lines inaugurate, new kingdoms with the oddest shapes.

I'm beyond the greats! But is that after or before?
The pyramids were old but there's a camel mold that's more.
Though if you do compare them I assume it'd be apparent,
The camel etch though old's just not as awesome a mysterium.


I met some kind of resistance.
So now we've got to go to war! Going out with the guerrilla Priscilla for a new tour!
Through the jungle where the illers are killers on the dirt floors!
And we pillage every village for spillage of you and yours!

Like wannabe governments we're all about empowerment!
Power to the people to devour all the other ends!
Menace to society is: men who won't quiet as you wish.
Who have ideas that'd assist. More so the weary than rich.

Scary air in here in the world where bombs are bearing the births!
Of all new feuds where the thirst for blood is searing our worth!
And nothing's holy just cursed! Be it a mosque or a church!
Used to be havens of peace! Now they're for fear and for grief!

All just a bang for a beef that's been millenia long!
How long will this carry on? When will the rich and the strong?
Stop stomping on all who want for something different and new!
Something to better ourselves, from this bitterest feud!


I met some kind of resistance.
But they listened when I spoke to 'em! We had different ideas but we could joke and poke at 'em.
They had arguments too and some of them totes do make sense.
So we debate and grate each other until one bends.

Should be a war of the minds. Should be the wise that will lead.
But we're too stupid to listen, it's only lies we believe.
The falser things are compelling but there's no selling the truth.
So get it into your melon - it's a felon's excuse!

To shape this world as they please. To make the norm the disease.
When we keep spreading the ether believing we are the free.
Feeble and trife are the weak. We've got these knifes to our beaks.
But we don't even see them! We are the suicide squad y-all!!! Heathen freedom.

I met some kind of resistance.

Inktober #14.5 - Space Waltz

Space walk, walking on the moon...
Footsteps leave imprints in the dust...
We're all, gonna be there soon!
Just you wait, it's just waiting for us...

Moonshine... how will it look?
When we're up on the moon, is it always bright there?
Hallway of light there? All way the right way?
Never any dark side? Let me see a light shade?

Space walk, walking on the moon...
Futuristic sights like they loom tomorrow...
If you have a shuttle there can flowers bloom?
Don't think there's any other cure for our sorrow.

Moonshine maybe... save a little flask!
Savor it in space till the day we can go back!
To our little little world, seems so tiny when you see
It through a little window in your space machine.

Maybe you'll appreciate more greatly this world. Yeah...

Inktober #14 - Space Walk

AKA A Game Of, Keep Trying 2, Try Harder, Play, Game On...

Cyberdevil. Nabella. Yeah!

If life's a game! Than I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this music. Yes I can do it do it.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I have half a brain! So I'm not all stupid!
It ain't quite the same since I no longer am the new kid!
People know what day it is, and they know I ain't one to fool with.
Though I forget the days a bit when I'm out here drinking coolant.

Hey Nabella! You want go spacey and interstellar?
Take a trip to Mars till our skeletons are like jello? Huh? Huh?
I want to see the stars but I wouldn't dare blast off cause I lack lots
Of factoids! I do have balls but you need more than balls for that odd-essey.

Been at odds with society! My whole life I only wanted to be free.
I zonked on P.E. I wasn't much for moving. Only in my head a whole storm was brewing.
Blew winds out of my mouth when it opened! Silent kid but you wouldn't really know him
If you hear me when I'm out here flowing holding on to something New. Grounds... move round.


If life's a game! Then I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this truant! Be I the hugest doofus.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I never lacked a saying! I could write all day like I'm a two-bit putrid comp.
Stomp the world with my wants. AI's taking over though. Front.
Backdrop though uh! That'd be me. I'm happy when I be here batting to emcee.
With track or with beat I be maccing in my sleep got a knack for this see.

Cyberdevil! That would be me! Huh. Yeah...

Inktober #13.5 - Alien Nation

Here we go again! Feeling like an alien!
Said that cause I'm way above! All the normal shady men!
That just keep on living their lives! Without tryin' to figure out!
Why they're here at all and I! Feel that's kind of pretty shite.

But maybe that's just... the impression I get huh?
When people are in a good mood, maybe they've learned to let up.
When they can live their lives without qualms or complaints.
Maybe they've mastered their mind more than mine is enraged.

So yeah. Maybe I'M a complaint! But so I guess I'M still sayin'
I'm the alien man.


Inktober #13 - Hesitation Nation


Here we go again! Feeling like an alien!
Show must go it cannot end! Cannot be betraying them!
Mind is in control again! Spitting out a ray of sense!
Arranging my code again! Put 'em in arrays again!

I don't strafe for nothing. Will not move or budge an inch.
If you bludgeon me I may put up a shield.
I'd rather run away than fight you cause I'm proud to live.
No use in using violence. Who am I trying to kid?

Who am I trying to kid?

If you go at me with a gat then I will rap like MGK
Put you in a body bag or better yet a plate: Susie Filet.
Soup for days! Stuff a suited you in a suitycase!
Chew your face! I'm a devil when I get into that vein!

I don't strafe for nothing. The Cyberdemon in this game.
I won't case your pudding. I will throw it in your face.
Won't erase your passcode. I will hack you till your brains.
Spray out on the asphalt. Did I go too far with my rage?

Who am I trying to raise. From the dead.
When all of you are placing your bets. Forget it.
I'm not the Grinch I'm the bringer of the dreaded.
Death is on my friendlist - don't be too offended.

Who am I trying to kid! Aah!

But here we go again! Open up the flow again!
Throw my heart and soul again! Into a black hole again!
I found the road again! Rowing in my boat again!
I just learned to float again! Kennin-ji the oldest Zen!

Say I don't pray for nothing. But I feel I have closed my mind.
Pray that I can find the key and maybe open it in time.
Won't say I'll choose religion. Over logic/common sense.
But I do feel like my spirit needs to fly out of its pen.

I'm still a child a kid... uh.

Inktober #12.5 - Mean Life

Live life like you mean it uh... live life like you mean it!
Live life like you mean it uh... live life like you mean it!
No falsehoods or obscenities no I'll keep mine the cleanest!
Live life like you mean it uh... live life like you mean it!

I've been thinking over things, I've been out here dreaming!
I have new impressions and aye I have been scheming!
Want to go to places now, to live and to see things!
Craig man you inspire me so I'll keep on being!

And breathing. And seeing. And touching. And smelling. And yelling. And screaming. I'm hellbent. On feeling.

New feelings...

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