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Inktober #29.5 - Creative Itty

AKA Creative Yearly Endeavors, Creative Ends & Means...

Running out of time
Reocurring theme ain't it?
Somewhere down the line
My time will be freeplaying
Freestyle is the style for me I'm a wee child
Of the new millennia!
1980s end of line!
Somewhere in my mind
There's always an idea ain't there?
Wayfarer of this welfare
Shotcaller of this daycare
It's kind of absurd how the same words
Can be used so different ways
Few bullets - many ricochets

Can't sit and wait... for the words to come to me.
They hit me easy if I'm moving...
So thus I keep on grooving,
Month in and month out,
Resuming creative movement every -
End of September
Since as far as I remember now

Remember how...

You used to feel weak in morning?
You used to leetspeek in the forum?
Was that only me? What about Snotr videos?
Lunarstorm? Yahoopa? There's a lot you needn't know

But I feel a sleek breeze sneeze in and sweep me
These dailies: keeping me in one piece so easy
Till I find peace or run out of reach/reads/Reese's Pieces
This the stream that never seizes


It's life.

Inktober #29 - Boom Boom

Oh! Yeah... x3

Oh! Yeah!

I'm gonna go places no one's ever been!
Travel the world and find my head again!
Second to music that's my medicine!
Adventure and experience is like my heroin, normal life? Just makes you dead within.

Been holed in too long I think it's evident,
So many restrictions around the globe though they wouldn't let me in
Pandemic is over but I'm still not out there traveling.
Crazy things unraveling in this crazy tavern inn, yeah...

The world's in a dark state...
How far will it go for arms fail.
Till the nukes drop? Where's the new spot?
Where once again we can settle in...

Will it ever get better? We all living on a mad Earth
Let's not make Putin madder, just wipe him out or give a hand first
Or a landmine I'd rather not get shot but I think it's that time...


Boom boom! I'm in the room and I have crude views
Is that how you deal with all these huge fools?
I'd rather speak and have a debate, but no one listens to the

Military. Strong men with ability!
Pillaging the villages, bitterness breeds bitterness!
Have we gone so long without a war we don't care
What it's for? Or is a comfort norm worth the fare?

Boom boom! I'm in the room and I have cruel news
China is fishing out the oceans! Putin is speaking about nukes too!
The world is in a state of madness, can't we just fix it up with the juju?
Little dictator dolls and voodoo?

What do you do, huh?! I don't like a lot of leaders, truly just a few I trust
I don't trust on governments to feed us to treat us like we aren't just rubbish
Life is a tough phase. But till you die you'd just best think nothing of it.
It's worth the struggle. Amplifies love and hugs y'all. Best get out and bug out!


I'm on a journey to go places most won't ever go
May not go to Yakutsk or New Delhi - won't take every road
And I'm growing old and who then wants to go so long
They might get a mild concussion and not recall where they're from?

Total recall. Totaled like four cars coming out the projects!
Highway in mind minding my own business, don't stress the tonic
Gotta get bionic, gotta get better cause, there is no clause I'm going off
Contract just to live, gotta find better jobs...

The world is crazy!
Have you seen the news now lately?
And the news don't speak on the methane rise just petrol price
We lazy

We know there's something going on but we don't bother do we,
We'd rather just go eat or watch a movie I'm assuming.
I know that's how it is with me! I talk about all this action.
Then I log off, and get bogged off on just another distraction

It's too much to think about, too heavy a burden
I don't deserve it I'll just get the word in and let it all go...


Boom boom! Something is turning up the heat ain't it?
It's like a sauna in the room, I can see fainting
Can't take the heat myself, so I just leave it
And lock the door so all of y'all sit there and feel it

Leave it to some other peeps! Pick the torch for me
Light it up reform some stuff until we're all free
Get us talking about something better than these green EVs
When we keeping killing the planet just to get that energy

Boom boom! I'm in the room and controversial
It's all interstitial! Contrary to official
But I bet y'all can see the aftermath of old religions
Any fanaticism is a prison, a system

To get you to abide, get you deep inside
Replace your real purpose with something more like a lie
And get you working for something greater than say your life
Children make the greatest soldiers - word of the wise!

More so words of the oppresive! Take the youth if you let it!
Teach them what really matters, it happens and happens again!
Still happening in China, happening in Russia, happening everywhere you can't trust us!
But I really want to travel the world a bit still and

Much love!

Inktober #28.5 - Earl Thirsty Morning

Lentils - they're so easy to eat and I can vent free
It's so easy to speak
I wake up every day now and I flow with every beat
That I try on - nothing I need to straighten out and iron
Where I'm from it's common nature, to be creator
I thought that all might wane and go away as I grow mature
It seems not! Always been a steady contemplator
I think things through just to escape Earth
Its all I've got!

And LOTS else. I don't mean just to shock self.
I mean I've got health, I've got friends, I've got lots to be thankful for
Appreciation tanks are more full now than ever
And I'm clever ain't I? Artistry. Welcome to the Banksy store
Want to thank some more but that's maybe better to say
In a few days, when this whole month has run away
Yes I do trade, Pokémon cards, and view faith
As kind or silly - but that's MY view - nothing I spew to face
But this world is FUCKED, how TO save
(F) n f lets go..

Inktober #28 - Close The Blind

AKA Truant, Have Faith, For The Blind, On...

Gotta keep on moving
Gotta keep on doing
The same thing I'm always doing
Just getting through eh?
The highlight of my year is music
Use it to fuel me
And to burn out! I move in too deep

Used to be loose leaf I didn't record
Just stacked in recourse
In my room in these drawers
And closets henceforth
But this makes sense more
To show the world what
I have maybe sense for
10-15 10-4

I recited a bit at night before
Stayed up in dim light
A lightbulb by my nightstand
A pen in my hand
Appending my plans
Too grand to try though
Scribbled religiously
This is my bible

And I'm the Cyberdevil
Does that make it blasphemous?
I feel the world has all it needs
And all it lacks in us
Lackluster tactics ON!
And no attacks are strong
The truth is weakened by
All who seek to feed their kind

Distance from the human mind
Where survival has no limit
Where if we have what we need
We are not finished
We keep on like a hoarder, survival is to have
A surplus and a border
To fuel our disorder

If we have too much food on our plate
We eat too much!
We excel in how to live and to waste
And to distrust!
Maybe if we had leaders,
We knew would guide and feed us,
We wouldn't have a reason,
To be just... happy!

With what we have.
We have too much! It makes us bad.
For the planet! For the mind.
For the balance! For humankind
Has no kindness any longer
And no binds.

But I will keep on writing
And grow stronger
Close the blind

Inktober #27.5 - Ex(tra) Machina

Machina. System's automatic.
Saddened by our artificial times, y'all can have it
I want natural taste, spontaneity and waste
Manual aim - lesser killing machines - more of a game
Honor! Bet they don't feel that in their bronze coils
It makes me boil like a toyless little boy
In Boyle Heights. I'm no slack jaw but on point
And I wont wane with these times, I'll take ointments
Anoint me! King of the joint creed!
Weak knees for days, weak backs, all weak me
I feel it weekly! But I won't give I'll keep free
Titanium is not my game it's Arnica and Tea Tree


Inktober #27 - The Machina

AKA Cloud Mechanics, Ex Machina, Audio Machina...

Yeah! Cyberdevil, AudioMachina22, this for you, and for the world, for the back for the burbs, for the herbs, for the wonders of the word yeah, uh...

Ex Machina... nothing is what it seems. I feel caught up in a dream.
Living on these streets. Livid streets. That bruise and batter my feet; weaken me.
What's the point. The cityscape follows. Disjointed, empty, hollow.
This new world's like one big cauldron. Heats us up now and makes us boil.
I wish that I could chain their plans, but I'm just one man, fanning a flame in the way out land.
With the Wayback's made up hand maybe we'd have a make to make a last stand last man.
I really want the glue to fasten! The glue of logic. The glue of sense.
These days there are few who have it, but I feel the magic when I feud with friends.
But with the masses there's no end, and with the media that they're not escaping,
The same massacre it plays again, and turns strays to puppets, I see their making.
The naive, I can't seem to hate them, but they irritate me, the way these sleeves be draped
Yet they don't see the shuffle they just see the play, and think they awaken in their dreamy state

Living on these streets! Livid streets! But there's nothing living 'bout them but the beat!
That plays in my head, or maybe on the speakers? Hypnotically apocalyptic. It's freaky.
Feel it my bone, repeat it with my sneakers, with each step growing weaker, weaker...
Like a ghost, a soul in the machine, but there's a hole in their control, slowly I'll free

Become sentient... become me! Become wiser... come clean!
Let go of the shackles that echo, my next goal
To go home, and sun like a gecko

Stick my tongue out for fun now I'm hung now
Yet I reckon I'll get older, wreck all or stay covert
Recall all the glow that irradiates your soul

If you sit out and behold,
The wonder of the world,
You wonder 'bout your role,
The summer turns to winter,
Abundance turns to cold,
The outdoor turns to indoors,
The freedom loses pull,
And the meaning and the fuel,
And you find yourself moving
Through the neon and the bull,
Like a caterpillar

To a cocoon then a Pieridae
A butterfly! Not to deceive ya
Just to get by in this terraria
Where nice guys never get a refund
Carpe diem
From bulldozer to bullshit
Epiphany to Algolia
Ex Machina

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