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Inktober #26.5 - Today's The Work Day

And today's the work day! When I... gotta get up early!
Though I have been getting up early anyway, my mind a swirling!
I'm learning, that to truly GET in life you gotta be deserving!
So I'm grinding from the morning till the night and it's unnerving!

Kinda... when I go to sleep I still have stress left.
And I skip my morning showers, and I don't even eat no breakfast.
But I must say that I feel GOOD even if days pass in such haste.
I don't waste time - not even when I chase rhyme - fingers fly like dove tails.

On the keys. Come on man I feel at ease with this or better yet!
I'm a seasoned vet. I could sneeze a rhyme, used to have allergies for pets.
Now I don't even have THAT. Something is wrong with my Mac though, I can not turn it on...
It's a Performa 720 from the nineties but just a few nights ago was going strong...

Good thing I have another comp. Might be a faulty transistor in this one.
Probably a part I am missing, but one day I WILL get it fixed son.
For now I'm on a mission. To do these dailies and fuel my ambition.
So I can't sit here and fix old Macs, I'm on the new now you know that.

Come on. Work hard for a moment, then flow strong.

Inktober #26 - A Lemon Leaf Breeze

Lemon tea, sipping, slipping, to my memories, a lemon leaf breeze yeah...

I remember a time when I was climbing on vines, when I was high in my prime, when these were better days.
My mom stood there on the side, eyed me with a kind of pride, I didn't know then I was making up these memories.
Remember then in the snow, though it was icy and cold, we had candles that glowed, and by them evergreens.
And we were walking down roads, always had a hand to hold, and now they're wrinkly and old, till they'll be heavenly...

Heavy this life! I wish I could wake up every day ready, with not a sense of dislike!
Not a sense of distrust! Nor a sense of this 'must'! Each day an adventure and a sensible rush!
And that I truly loved the people around me unconditionally. I realize now that the bliss you see -
Is only in the moment. If you don't own that moment. If you don't hone your role you will never see

This world in gold like a lemon tree... and be emboldened and sentient...
All these woes they are lettersent... addressed to us to stress us up and then...
Teach us this world is incredible. So full of life. Be it a human or a vegetable.
What do YOU bring to the table? Of what is it you're able? How goes the fable of your destiny?

Write, and writhe till you get at peace... till you get a piece of wisdom... till you beat or break the system,
You're so drunk on ambition, accustomed to this prison, you forget what matters till the prism
Of light doesn't shine, till our time is done, till our eyes are shut, till our spines are ashen
But memories are everlasting...

I will eat till I'm my fullest and I will fast then!
I will fasten my seatbelt and I will drive!
Those who go I hope I'll keep them alive!
I will strive higher! Like a branch reaching the sky!

Bandana on my temple, dimples under beard, I'll be weird,
I'll have boots like Lynyrd Skynyrd and no fear
This life it wears and tears on your innards more than outards
Cycle of life, it's just what this is all about, Earth...

Yellow, lemons, sour, venom, yet sweet and, tasty, in a, pastry

The light to vitamins! Let us keep fighting demons!
You are the brightest in! All of the schemes I'm dreaming!
A fruit that reaches neon! The hugest shoot behemoth!
Jack of trades and ladders, beanstalk? Don't you matter

I don't need no thing to climb to be high
Just my mind, that shows me I'm alive
And my memories...

Sipping, slipping, wishing, different, looking, listening, this in...

A lemon leaf breeze...

Inktober #25.5 - Today's The Day

I'm up before before ten and I'm... still writing lines like a mastersmith.
I'm actually having a blast with it.

I need to draw too. Need to catch up with my actual ink.
It's the last week to get that all in.

Can't say this month has been a blast like it normally is...
I've had so much on my mind, been unsure what to focus on.

The car's a daily burden. The word's no more a sermon.
Don't have many hours of paid work, but I keep on learning.

And I keep on grinding. From early time till time ends.
I'm getting better mornings. I feel a backbone forming.

Feel I won't crack no more - not at least so easily.
Realities of life they came and seasoned me.

And I won't rush the final verses of the month.
I will come out with my guns. I will focus and I will crush it.

Did I think inspiration could ever wane for me? Can't nothing.
Stop me. I will drop a knee on any who hush me.

Can't silence the prophet! Who'd like to be off grid!
Who's trying new topics sometimes; trying to mosh pit!

Going through trials like I never bought software in my life!
No fan of subscription services - though Word is alright.

Come on. Still early morning. Let's go let's fly.
Today's the day I... get shit in line!

Inktober #25 - This Life OK

Okay, yeaaah okay! Okay, I can do this... I can see this... I can feel this! I can breath yes... okay...

This life! It's not always okay!
Gotta surf on the good times and float through your low days!

Hits you in the face sometimes! Hits you in the places!
That hurt the most! Your hearts and souls, and lows adjacent!
But a good slap wakes you, an uppercut gives you a facelift!
A kick might crack you up and that is what I've come to say is!

A good thing! No low can keep me down I'm a good king,
I rise to the struggle, my stubble grows double,
The beard length's revered, sense in air, hence I clear,
All the tables, and able-minded makers make it there and we say...

Gotta brave the gray days. Gotta keep a great faith.
Whether you pray or do good: doesn't matter nay nay.
Have no haste. But do what you can do and understand to,
Never slow down but do not keep a pace you cannot handle

Dismantle all bombs!
Dismantle all bombs!
Dismantle all bombs!

This life... it's not always okay!
Gotta surf on the good times and float through your low days!
Go face, your problems! Go Ace! And solve them!
You might just sit but the world keeps revolving

Dismantle all bombs!
Dismantle all bombs!
Dismantle all bombs!
This mantle is ON!


Inktober #24.5 - Pennies Why Sleep

AKA The One On Self-Discovery...

I have no... friggin' tiiiime!
I do think I'm... feeling fiiiine!
But some days are... darker than otheeers,
And this one day... I'm one of wondeeer,

Aye I wonder, if I still have a loooot of myyyself,
Left to discover...

Inktober #24 - Pennies Wisely

AKA Penny Trail...

I am gonna kill 'em all
Can't nobody stop me but a syllable
I'm going all days nothing minimal
Going all month at this interval, till I'm less pitiful

Always in the hallways
Looking at the rows of the paintings they all place
All great masters, staring down upon us
Like we're just sawdust on a floor, you can't even pawn us

Worth praise? Don't even know our birth dates,
We're soap to the sink, we're hope when it's all wrong
Far from dawn, looking to carry on strong,
Look away when you see us, arms drawn,

The war came when I thought the peace ruled,
Our leaders can't seem to see the deceit through,
The lies they crumble, the blind they stumble,
We try to rumble but we stifle under,

The boots of these slave men, we're all the same men,
If we became friends maybe this all would end,
Can't comprehend the nuances of the system
That dupes bliss on the stupid rich

And they say that it's the common dream
To embrace our greed
The dreams freedom,
Us dreamers have vacancies

Fish the fish till we've vacant seas,
Rake the ground, rape the trees, stake your seed,
For the same great escape we need,
As if a few can live upon so many...

We're proof. You don't need to choose.
Use your pennies.


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