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Mad Cow (2010)

Mad Cow (2010)

The craziest take on the Mad Cow madness yet? Yupp, this is probably it. It's a low-budget movie about a crazed scientist [who] creates a half-man, half-cow creature which goes on the rampage at an African game lodge.

Tanya van Graan and Greg Viljoen play the main parts, yet I just can't tell if they put on a good act or not. Was the directing bad or was the acting bad? The props and gore are alright. The special effects are crap. The acting... all together it gives the impression it was meant to be bad, and though this B-movie formula sometimes seems to work (The Killer Tomatoes)... this time it doesn't. It just looks bad. The pace is off. The props are off. It had potential to be a cult-like kind of crazy but never got that far.

Props on some interesting ideas (that ear-healing shaving cream was pretty cool), and creative violence, and the cow suit, but overall... just can't go high on this one. It was just too bad to be good.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit


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