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Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior (1980)

Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior (1980)

Now this is Mad Max! This is vehicular warfare! This is the reboot version of 2015 without the cinematization. With the grit; grind, from the explosive exploitation era of the dusty wilds. Where action isn't always the centerpiece, but always present, and survivors gather in gangs or gatherings to get by, feeding on gasoline and weakness.

It's a different world since the first movie. Gone is civilization; here is anarchy. Dust. Gasoline. Fire. Death. Desert. Bullets are scarce, and the tribes rules the wasteland.

Doesn't matter much that the intro's composed of random black and white footage from various wartime events not at all related to this movie, nor that there's a narrative at home more in the fantasy genre both beginning and end, nor that the movie takes place mostly in a desolate space where all you see is sand and the setting sun. In difference from the first one, they manage to paint up a picture of a future dystopia quite nicely here. I didn't really get that the first took place at the same time, but I guess it does? I guess civilization was gone there, too?

If the first one was savage, then this is something else. The first one's amusing in comparison, even if the intimacy and personal relation is all gone here. I miss the intimacy a bit. Sad to see the girl die, too. Thought her leaving in the reboot was a twist for the worse, but it looks like that was as close to the Hollywood way as it'd get with this franchise.

I'm glad to see the first movie wasn't all the classics had to offer, and glad to see the rebirth of the series wasn't a straight copy. If you liked the first, maybe you'll like this one better. If you think you'll like the new one, watch this one first and you'll like it even more. It's gritty, grimy greatness with cars and carnage, and amidst it all the mythical Mel Gibson is Max - warrior of the road. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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