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Malatesta's Carnival Of Blood (1973)

Malatesta's Carnival Of Blood (1973)

Time for one of the earliest zombie movies ever made! On par with the likes of Night Of The Living Dead (1968) and whatever other contemporaries that might've inspired.

If you'd consider this a zombie movie.

It's about a girl, mostly, and a theme park, and a gathering of both innocent bystanders and sinister staff members who deal with all sorts of sinful experiments in the merry roundabout shade...

The theatrics may be a bit much, the acting's not always perfect, but they play with angles, and materials, and gory themes in a way that seems to befit the theme park theme. You get all the rides in the worst possible ways. It's not SAW-like gory, but just... disturbing. Sometimes red-paint-like so, sometimes legit-prop-like really.

Unfortunately it's hard to feel like this movie upholds an atmosphere today as much as it probably did back when it was made, not like say Suspiria (the original), but it is an interesting glimpse into the more forgotten films of the strange and sinful horror movie seventies.

It's not bad. Props on them really keeping things creative, and making horror movies not only to gross you out but to innovate and exploit in the most varied ways.

Malatesta, you're not the best but... don't let it rest; stuff. For the seventies it's not bad at all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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