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Malevolent (2002)

Malevolent (2002)

I've seen Lou Diamond Phillips in a lot of movies, but not in a lot of main roles.

When he does play one it's usually in a movie like this, a gritty thriller where he's either a bad guy or a good guy gone bad or, in this case, a good guy everyone thinks has gone bad. The movie details his chase after a psycho, who starts leaving clues on crime scenes that lead back to him - the main character. The psycho slowly starts turning the rest of the police against him, and he torments and chases him and whispers in his ear at the station to 'catch me if you can' right after beating their lie detector test. In short, he's a pretty annoying villain and the potential of his death doesn't spark much angst with the viewer. In fact, that's the ending we're probably all waiting and hoping for.

All the actors do a great job, and apart from Lou Diamond Phillips and Edoardo Ballerini (who plays the psycho) there are also a few mentionable acts like... well actually, I don't know any of the other actors/actresses, I thought they were some other people, never mind that. They do a good job though!

It's a gritty movie, with smoky and rundown locales, a lot of dialog, a lot of investigation, and then finally one intense chase across the city. It also differs a bit from the regular thriller in that we know from the start who the villain is, even before the main character does, and once he realizes the extend of this individuals evil deeds - he has yet to prove them, and at the same time disprove all the evidence pointing towards himself. Something that at times seems a very daunting task.

Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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