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Mall (2014)

Mall (2014)

The Mall is a story about people, personalities, fates, expectations and truths, the system, and being young in the world today. Not always the most inspiring of scenarios.

It starts at a trailer with a very surprising intro, moves to a shopping mall, moves through a daydream to a cold reality, to a main character named Jeff who drifts around does some X and eventually wanders into a bar where he meets a strange lady. Amongst other things.

Jeff's part in the movie starts within his daydream, where he cynically tells the tales of the other characters he sees in the mall, fates which turn out truer than you'd expect. Most of them. This doesn't necessarily mean anything though, since it turns out he might not be such a good judge of character after all. But people aren't always what they seem to be. The world isn't always what it seems to be. The fires rage, the people run rampant, and amidst the action Jeff moves at his own pace, on a trip unlike any he's been on before. I mean that in the dual sense that he's on drugs, but at the same time he's waking up to a world of realizations.

Though there is action and eventfulness, most of the movie moves at a slow pace, riddled with dialogs and observations. Watching through it put me in a strangely inspired melancholy mood, and I feel like I learned something though I don't know what that was. Did I mention the movie's directed by Linkin Park's Joseph Hahn? Yupp, that's another reason to watch it! It's a good debut, a unique perspective into film, and though it's maybe not nothing I'll see again, it definitely made an impact on me.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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