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Man Of Steel (2013)

Man Of Steel (2013)

Yes he is awesome! When General Zod comes back from exile, to reclaim the codex and rebuild the falling Krypton, only Clark Kent - Kal El by birth name, stands to stand in his way. A life-changing Earth-threatening battle takes place, and yes it was awesome!

It all starts at the start, when Zod stages a coup, and Kal is sent to Earth, as his father dies and the planet crumbles beneath him. On Earth he grows up, and then roams the planet - a stranger in his new home, looking back on the time's of old; where he grew up. One day he meets Lois! And they save the world... sort of.

It's an inspiring tale, and so unlike the old Superman movies it's like he's not even Superman anymore. I can see why people might not have liked the new you, Superman - or the moody setting, but I did like it. Henry Cavill plays our grand protagonist nicely, Amy Adams the dame in distress, powerhouse Laurence Fishburne an editor, and Michael Shannon the vicious villain. Russell Crowe is the father.

They're an elite cast, and though the battle at times goes so overboard you wonder if they won't end up accidentally destroying the planet in the process, it all ends simply, on Earth, with head in hand, and the remnants of a lost race at war with the ones they might've lived beside.

Compared to other Marvel movies (oh wait, it isn't!), it feels more out of this world than the norm, but that's how great it is, too. I hope I don't overhype it, but it was pretty awesome, all down-to-Earth scenes in between. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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