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Manic Monday

Hello World! Day one of the week has passed, Monday. I started the day by going on a quick shopping-spree for Christmas presents and a soft-air Uzi for myself. The mission was quickly accomplished and I traveled back home in time to cut my hair before the sun sank down and the world was once again doused with winter. The mission wasn't a complete success though, two of the items on my well-planned inventory were sold out, so I'll have to return sometime to buy some more. Before most important occasions with giving involved I'm usually out shopping the last few seconds so this is a great improvement since previous years though. Anyhow, since then I've spent my time watching the latest episodes of Mar and One Piece, followed by four movies, for which short commentaries follow below in yearly order (warning, spoilers). After this post I'm on my way to watch an episode of 'My name is Earl' and go to sleep.

BloodMonkey (2007)

Deep down in the jungles of who knows were you'll find a valley, previously undiscovered, that is inhabited by bloodthirsty monkeys never seen before. They lurk in the bushes through the whole movie, and you get to see how they really look like first at the very end. So how do they look like? Just like normal gorillas, except with red eyes, and they're digital as well. Most, if not all, of the filming is "real" material, and at the very end a very digitally animated looking gorilla jumps onto the screen, which I really must say, really is crap. This is another American movie, and as usual without much inspiration.

The main characters are a bunch of innocent teenagers with a digital video camera traveling to the jungle to explore and have fun, a la Blair Which style with a change of scenery. Some of them fall in love, some of them die. The conversations are all a bunch of uninteresting mumbojumbo and it's easy to see that its a low budget movie. It's exiting at times, so if your like me and will happy to watch any semi-crap you come across, I recommend this! Otherwise, stay away.

 rated 2/5: decent

The All Together (2007)

Get ready for random! This is a movie full of weird English humor, interesting chitchat and unique characters combined with 'intense English gangster action'. Not very intense, not very exiting, not very comical, but a mixture of all. It's not a movie I'd watch again, and definitely none of my favorites, it's not a movie I'll remember, not anything I laugh out loud at or cry over at the end, but it's still amusing. Twisted and artistic, nothing special.

 rated 2/5: decent

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Here it is! Yet another bloody horror movie taking place in the middle of nowhere. It's made in America, which is why I say that Americans seem to have no creativity left at all. The movie reminds me very much of Wrong Turn and a dussin other horror movies that take place in vast locations, except that it takes place deep in barren desert landscapes instead of the forest. As always, the main characters are a bunch of people, the enemies a bunch of deformed mutants and they all get killed one after another. Of course there's an old worn gas station in the picture as well, just like there is in Reeker, Wrong Turn, name many others - with an old redneck taking care of the place.

Eventually the person you least expect to save the day turns into a hero and kills all the bad guys, stumbling out of a dark cavern, drenched in blood with his baby under one arm and a big axe under the other. Overall it's still a good movie, despite it's lack of creativity. It's not scary, not at all, but it's gruesome and violent, which is a feature that people seem to think movies can't be made without nowadays. I dealt out a lot of critique above, but it is worth watching despite the similarities to other horrors. Besides, plots only have so many choices. The soundtrack is good, the filming is good and the actors are good. The people you expect to survive get killed, and vice versa, which really is pretty interesting in difference from the other movies. Nice twist at the very end too.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

It's original, it's interesting, the music is great, the actors are great (should I mention that two of my favorite actors are in it as well?) and the plot is one of the best ones every created, in my opinion. Jane and John Smith are two seemingly normal people that have been married for 5 or 6 years and that are now experiencing relationship issues. What they don't know are that they both work for rival agencies. I won't spoil the fun for you. Watch it. I highly recommend it!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Watched... Trapped (2002) ...and... Kpax (2001) yesterday, pretty good movies. Clint Eastwood should stick to Western though, he doesn't fit in as a police inspector at all, but under his supervision the movie still turned out amusing, as is always the case with his managed movies. That was Trapped btw, KPax is about an alien, in human form. It's more of a philosophical movie than it is science fiction. Expect a lot of dialogue and drama. No action.

 rated 3/5: not bad

In other news the site is finally back up after a long time of suspension. I never would have dreamed I'd get suspended myself as I have always laughed at the morons in charge of those other domains with the 'Account Suspended' text on the frontpage. I won't do that again, I understand how those morons feel, some of them at least. Lucky for me my web-hosting company didn't leave the message on the frontpage, they just made my domain completely unaccessible. So if I hadn't told you about the suspension then you would have continued believing your naive beliefs that it was just a normal downtime, which would be for the better? Well, the reason my account was suspended in the first place was because of me consuming more than 10% of my server space with download lists (files hosted on my server, of course). These two lists being direct downloads of all episodes in the anime series Beck and Grenadier, two series I like and honor. Until I get my own server, which is a dream in a faraway future, those files are removed.

Lucky I still have backups on my HD as the host removed them from the server for me. I've read my web-hosts terms thoroughly now and will use my space in a manner that won't let this happen again, though as everyone who actually reads the terms of use knows, the web-host has all cards on their hand and may do anything for whatever reason whenever they want. In the world of web-hosting, there is no freedom. There's always a cache. Always.

... Except with our hosting! We will give you space with unlimited bandwidth for 1$ per GB. Pay for three, get one free. ;) (example : pay 6$ and you'll get 8GB). This is a monthly fee. You will also get a simple to use control panel from which you can both manage your files and edit your pages. Our hosting is available to anyone, anywhere in the world! You can buy an addon domain (.net, .org or .com) for $10/year. You can buy a mySQL DB for an additional $1 per month. See our web page for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Goodnight now.

UPD: If you're reading this, and you're interested in the hosting offer above, use the coupon code 'nostalgia' on the hosting site mentioned for a small discount on a hosting plan of choice. ;) The prices mentioned in this post aren't up-to-date btw, visit the web page for more info.


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