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Mar 28 2010 (1:55)

Woo, it's my first podcast, but it's a little odd, so I'll call it oddcast. I usually write down my daily rigors in lyrical form, and then I rap or sing them for either motivation or emotional validation. It's not often I record them though, much less upload them to the site, but maybe that's something I should start with? After all, this is a blog.

Anyhow, no blogging for me for the next five days, I have a big pile of studies and work that really really needs tending to, in case you missed that part in the recording up above (what? You didn't even LISTEN?! If you did, disregard this message). In other news, I've never used command lines much, actually I've never managed to use them for anything, but I spent a few hours today trying to get this to work: icacls o:\TB1\ /grant All:F. I didn't get it to work, so if you think you can get it working, let me know (by comment).

Thing the above should do is give everybody permissions to all files and folders within the mentioned directory. Strange thing happened when I moved a lot of files from one drive to another, they all changed owners and became property of the ADMIN only, which is great in purpose of security but otherwise, nah, not that good. Fixed it eventually just by right clicking on the main folder and messing around a bit, but it would be nice to know if the above ^ works too. If you do manage to make it new, make my dreams come true, I will bake a cake and stay awake two days eating plates of grapes to praise your brew. ;L

Good night!


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