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So it happened. I neglected my rapping.
Felt pretty good way back when.
But I don't just want to feel good, I want to do good with my action,
Have an impact! This ain't scrabble on napkins.
I guess I dabble with a bit too many fractions.
And in a Flash I go lash out on alternate paths,
Like my passion's knot, and I got no ransom,
To give back, so they can unclog my whole calendar
Lavender oil on my chest so I sleep right.
Laugh in the mirror like I'm mad, so I'll be bright!
You know a real genius a little crazy?
Like the chick on the ship who flipped I pick: Daisy.
No time for games I'm back to making tunes,
But it's always on my mind and in name it is Doom,
Time sure seems gloomy when no music's in my room,
But moves like I've rocket fuel boosters too
So come February... gone. January... flew.
December's in my mirror but we don't check the rear view.
Cause I'm all about boobs. Wait that was not my move.
It's my breaking free, like for freedom have to prove.
That I'm not just... stuck in my cute cubicle too,
That like Naruto - I may move up to the moon.
Through a portal. Cause there is no shortage of what you can do.
And no shortcuts. If you want to assure you that you are you,
For us mere mortals there ain't too many portals,
But all too many parts - to play when this all starts,
I promise I won't just sit bitter and chimp on starch,
I'll chitter. I'll chatter. I'll banter.

For stardom/starters this is March.


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