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Max Payne: Days Of Revenge (2009)

Max Payne: Days Of Revenge (2009)

They really did Max justice with this one! Unlike the 2008 one.

So, what's next? Will there be more? I really thought Mark Wahlberg starred in this one too, but apparantely it's a look-alike? Paolo Salvadeo?! I was thinking since it seems Mark was willing to go on with unofficial sequels like this hopefully there might be more, but since it's not him I guess maybe not. Maybe this was a one time one, but a good one this time.

They kept it authentic. The action heavy. The characters pretty much exactly like their in-game counterparts. The filming creative, with a red thread to the finish, albeit often a wobbly one. Just like in the games!

I just miss a bit of the narrative. The verbal poetry that came with the style, and provided welcome pauses in an otherwise ferocious mix.

It felt a little sped up in that regard. You skip from scene to scene. From action to presentation to a little bit of mutual dialog. Never that monologue that was so characteristic of the games, and it doesn't feel as Noir without it. But that's the one thing.

Compared to the Max Payne blockbuster movie I appreciate that they didn't focus so heavily on the slow-mo here too, and the style of filming's different. Equally gritty, but clearer and more authentic.

If you liked the games you'll probably like this. It's impressively close. A homage that stays true to the original whilst still making a movie out of it, and not with as much a straight up first-person game-based perspective as the blockbuster version tried.

Different mediums require different methods, and it feels like this one kept the balance. Stayed true to the game, but stayed true to the format, too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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