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May Day No Gray Day

Time for a follow up on the recently disastrous life I've been living. No more disastrous. I woke up after a deep sleep to replenish last days lost fuel and I feel great. Better not take it for granted, but right now it feels like whatever it was that I had is gone.

Elsewise? It turns out it was hooligan curiosity and not master thievery that went on at our summerplace. It looks like all that was broken was a window. The rest looked orderly at a first glance. At a second glance, who knows, but at least the place isn't wiped clean. About the fridge, it's fixed. Did I mention that a good family friend and neighbor died recently? Don't think so, so I'll just say RIP Ingrid. You will be missed.

In other news it's May Day today! The sun is blazing, I feel amazing (slight headache but wth, it has been much worse), tonight the fires will be burning all over. I won't be going to view one though, it'll be celebration in silence for a while hence: Later.


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