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Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

The action was great, but the characters and story... they feel shallow. Professional and messy, planned and spontaneous - its too much a mix. Beautiful, and clever, but not authentic, and there's no continuity, and yet certain scenes are really technically elaborate - his preparations for each kill, the techniques and tools he uses, and the method he uses to get close. Even though The Mechanic loses a big chunk of his character in this movie - and the plot goes exactly as you expect it to, the technical professionalism redeems it to a certain degree.

Honestly: I was pretty disappointed. The action scenes feel like the only parts they really thought through, even if certain segments of it (like Arthur Bishop's first attempt at storming the boat) shouldn't have happened at all - not because a man of Bishop's caliber can't make a mistake, or fail, but because it lacked any of the redeeming professional quality that the other scenes have. You could say that love made him mad - but it didn't look that way. It looked like he was just being stupid - and Crain was stupid to not kill him then and there.

It is good to see Jason Statham in his role as Bishop again, even if it is in company of Jessica Alba of all people, who unfortunately can't act - or simply lacks the necessary chemistry for this role. The motivation for them getting together at all is moot. The story's thin and unconvincing. Michelle Yeoh would've been a less superficial match, but she barely gets any screen time at all. Tommy Lee Jones plays a good but tiny role too, and I guess Sam Hazeldine is decent as the villain. The cast wasn't bad overall, but they didn't get to shine, and in the end it all felt like a disappointingly half-assed movie - artificial and incomplete after the last. If they do make a sequel, I hope they get back on track.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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