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Megalodon Rising (2021)

Megalodon Rising (2021)

Chinese ship attempts nefarious satellite information download, gets attacked by Megalodon, survivor from Chinese ship gets picked up by American battleship, Chinese battleship asks for prisoner back, American ship refuses, Chinese ship gets attacked by Megalodon, and heroic American captain takes a sub and blows up Megalodon whilst crew on American ship stand on ship, filmed from an upward angle so you don't actually see what they're aiming at or if they're even on the ocean.

End with patriotic speech and ominous radar pick-up of unidentified threats (assumably Megalodon) heading towards the shore...

Well that was a crappy movie.

Crappy special effects. Limited cast. Excessive bickering. Limited locales. Assume they didn't have free reign over said ship...

I assume this isn't an official sequel, but if it is holy moly. From Stratham to this? It's interesting though how it's moved from Chinese propaganda to American, as if the film-makers felt it weighed too heavily the other way with the last one...

It could probably be cause for further analysis but this movie really... wasn't good. A lot of commandeering and discussing; little else.

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent


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