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I tried the game Metro 2033 around the time it came out, but it wasn't until recently I found out there was a book by the same title on which the game was based! And a sequel, Metro Exodus, for which the same author actually wrote the script - and soon another book further expanding upon that story. There's one more story in the middle too: Metro 2034.

This book... it gave me tunnel vision. I started reading it a few weeks ago, at first on the train, and soon during late night hours, and in a headache daze yesterday... a few weeks ago (I'm a bit late posting this review) I read through the final chapters.

The ending changes everything. Everything makes sense. There were times during the story when I felt like the main character acted naive and immature as an excuse to bring up arguments against monotheistic religion (which I'm adverse but open to), but the ending presented this in an even better; less angled way. It's not just a dystopian sci-fi thriller about survivors in the Russian Metro - kept underground to protect themselves from the fallout of a nuclear war, and fighting a brewing evil in the dark, but about so much more. It brings perspective to what we're doing to the world, and human nature, and who we are and will be even when our circumstances change. To be human is... a special thing.

I can't say it was a very uplifting read, but it feels like it opened a few new areas in the mind, and the venture between stations and tunnels, seeking to vanquish the one threat all the while stumbling upon new ones, and new people, and different strains of faith and conviction... it was quite a journey.

The book's well worth a read for anyone who hasn't yet read it, and I imagine If I ever give the game inspired by this a second chance I won't have any trouble playing past the intro and plowing through the rest of it this time around! I'm excited to see how it compares, and to start reading the unofficial sequel that follows after this: Metro 2034. This was great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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