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Are there no happy endings in the subway?

This was just like the previous book. Just the same, but entirely new all the same, and with all the more philosophical ponderings along the way. Loose ends to both tie up and loosen up again, and an ending that... well, you'll see in the end.

Though we meet some characters from the first book again they're like new characters entirely now. I wonder how the old Melnik would've approached the new Hunter. Somehow things have changed, even if the similarities that tie together these different tunnels give me the same sense of despair and mystery as last. It's both magic and depressing. Dark and brooding, but with a spark of light, and heavy with symbolism.

It also wasn't nearly as long as the last book. It might not measure up to when everything was new, and more so: to when the writing was as well as it was (I assume the author spent much more time on the first book - it felt polished), but it comes close. It's a welcome detour back into the same old subway, where the train tracks crawl into darkness, monsters lurk wherever the eyes don't reach, and to each his own fight for survival.

This is the tale of a much more perceptible, yet not at all as mystical threat, and Homeros - our new half of the main character duo, tells it well.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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