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Mile High Escorts (2020)

Mile High Escorts (2020)

AKA Secrets in the Air

Following the death of a co-worker, a young woman working for a private airline learns the owner's secret and becomes the next target.

Looks like a young Sylvester Stallone in the lead role... almost? Though turns out he didn't have no lead role after all.

The scenes are good in this movie. The places look good, and the people look good, and the quality feels proper.

The transitions move like they would with a TV movie though, and instead of becoming the gritty; psychological and potentially sexy softcore thriller I expected it to be it turns into a moral one. Escorting's not the way to go. Do things your way. Don't follow temptation. And it's not all about the money.

Though not sure they properly convey that it's 'not all about money' after all... there's a lot of it about the money even at the end of it.

It feels disappointingly much like a religious propaganda movie when it's over, even if it looked good, even if the actors weren't bad, and even if some scenes were pretty convincing...

High flying business idea though. No doubt. And it does start good.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad


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