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Minimal KING (1:16)

I never wish to be a minimal MC
I want to be much greater want to be so B I G
Like the world like the universe like the sounds when I sleep
The snoring always pouring always round always deep

I wish to be the greatest, I wish to be the best
I wish to be no smaller, I wish to be no less
Than the top gun than the boss than the one
And my rise and my run it has just just begun

If I have to be Minimal in this world that I'm in
Where the ocean is wide and so many sharks swim
I want to be a big minimal, a master, a king
One of the many ones who control and win

I want to be so great want to stay up late
Want to eat ten plates want to buy eight crates
Filled with gold no wait silver yo that's fate
Want to roll over grates with a Rolex and a date

And A Benz and my friends all dressed white from waist
To their head and their toes and above and below
In costumes here we go we're the ones we are dope
All the kings ones who cope with the world when it chokes

All others, it kills them, but I'll be one who survives
One of the greatest evers, I'll be one of them guys
My lifeline can't be severed, it's destiny I tell you
The truth is true I'll yell too

I'll be a star like Nell Who?


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