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Mirror Theory

You never truly see yourself.

Only your reflection.


Opposing you.

Never by your side.

Do you ever truly see yourself the way other people see you?

And do they see you the same way you assume they would? Considering everyone perceives things with certain ocular difference?

If you take a photo and look at the photo: That's you as the machine sees you.

At best the camera can capture you in current lighting; at whatever resolution's currently available; with whatever technological capacity it currently has to perceive and document the world.

No matter how high the resolution; how clear and crisp and colorful the image: it will not be you as you would see you. And it's still an image of you opposing you. Not you from your own view.

There is no way to see yourself the same way you see the world around you, much less from the same place. From a close place.

In a way, as you perceive the world, your own self-image is but a reflection to the world.

That's my mirror theory. Or maybe not theory. My thoughts. I'm growing weary.

The mirror's mirrored. Beware the weary. The air is scary.

Aware, the winners. The mirror, mirrors.


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